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Betting on DC’s TV

This fall, fans of the DC Universe have a good problem: attempting to choose which TV adaptation to watch. Arrow found unlikely success by taking a middle-aged Justice League member with an awesome goatee-moustache combo and a Robin Hood Complex and giving him the CW treatment.

He wears green stuff. Get it?

The CW Treatment: Take a character, make him half his age, hire Jared Leto’s makeup consultant and cast someone handsome, yet completely unremarkable.

What does any good entertainment company do once it finds success? Beat that formula into the ground! This fall, you can catch The Flash, Constantine and iZombie on the small screen. But which ones are worth watching? Glad you asked…

DC Show Worth Watching With the Best Source Material: iZombie

Chris Roberson and Joshua Hale Fialkov penned a masterpiece a few years back about a young lady zombie who eats brains to sustain herself. It was smart, funny and featured a ghost from the ’50s and a were-terrier, among others. Unfortunately, it never found its readership and DC cancelled it. Now, the CW is reviving Gwen and friends in a very different context… she solves crimes or something.

I think we all knew this girl in high school

“Brrrrrraaaaains – sorry, I mean… Ugh. Brains.”

Sounds ridiculous, but Rob Thomas, the dude behind Veronica Mars, is attached, so it may actually be a quality show with wit, decent acting and charm. If that’s not enough, it starts the freakin’ Yellow Power Ranger, Rose McIver!

If you want to catch up on the series so you can compare and complain, there are only four trades, so you can order them and knock ’em off in an afternoon. I mean, how can you refuse with amazing art like this:


Show with some recent turbulence, so it may be great or terrible, but it has fire and demons and accents: Constantine

Apparently, the show is in need of a tagline writer. 

John Constantine is a great character. Whether helping out the Justice League Dark or doing his own thing, he’s always keeping the darkness at bay, both internally and externally, while smoking, like, seven packs a day (not that that makes him great, but it lends itself to his devil-may-care attitude we wish we all had). His series, Hellblazer, has about a billion trades worth picking up and a nearly endless source of inspiration should the showrunners run dry. Also, it’s running on NBC, which, while not quite as terrible as The CW, is at least, to its credit, running Hannibal, one of the riskiest, coolest, most beautiful shows on television today.

All good, right? Perhaps not. For better or worse, there have been some changes in the Constantine camp lately. The character of Liv was written out of the show, with a different lady named Zed taking her place — not a good sign, but who knows the rationale behind it.

Also, Johnny boy doesn’t smoke and isn’t bisexual anymore — not entirely surprising, given it’s on a basic network, but still disappointing, as his sexuality and addiction(s) were prominent aspects of his character as a whole, not just fun add-ons.

Show for running fetishists, like that neighbour you hate: The Flash


You know that group that gathers at the end of your street in garish gear at 5:30 a.m and trots around your neighbourhood unintentionally reminding everyone how much more fit they are than them? They are going to love this show. Dude runs real fast and wears what looks like an ill-fitting pleather tracksuit. Kinda sounds like your gym teacher, no?

But people are hyped up about this show (“people” meaning “fans of Arrow,” so take that as you will), as its an extension of DC’s current most popular property on the CW. And many more are waiting with bated breath to see how The Flash translates to screen. He certainly has a lot of story to pull from, so it’ll be interesting to see the route the showrunners take.

It would be pretty awesome if they went all out and embraced his time-travelling in all its weirdness.

But we’ll have to wait until fall to see whether any of the hype or worry over any of these shows was justified. Until then — what’s that? There’s an IMAX showing of Guardians of the Galaxy in 20 minutes? Peace.

Yes, I live at the bottom of a seemingly endless cliff. What of it.


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It’s The Flash!

This morning, The CW released a quick look at another of DC’s attempts to rule the television world, The Flash. Check it out:

Not that you can glean much from a one-minute trailer, but aside from a baggy suit, it looks like this show might — what’s that? There’s a full five-minute trailer? Alright, let’s check that out:

Interesting. It looks like the show will have some sort of connection to the Wally West-era Flash, which is pretty cool. It also looks like the showrunners have really put some heart into this. It may be worth checking out come fall.

Until then, though, let’s all hope this leads to a Superman vs. The Flash race. The guy from Smallville can’t be up to much, right?