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Weekend Table Talk: HOLY CRAP PACIFIC RIM Edition

Is anyone else super jazzed for Pacific Rim? If not, you should be. It’s giant robots, the pale dude from Cold Mountain, Stringer Bell and Charlie Day fighting for humanity’s survival against kaiju, which are apparently Japanese monsters or something. Apparently, other stuff happened, which maybe you can talk about in line for Pacific Rim or something. 

Pacific Rim released its final trailer

And it features a plot or something, though nobody knows why.

The BoxTrolls looks amazing

Both technically and adorabically.

The 8bit Cinema edition of Anchorman pines for the game that never was, unfortunately

Seriously. Wouldn’t you play this non-stop for at least a week, pausing only to switch out bedpans?

Going to Comic-Con next week? 

These guys will have you covered.

io9 has a list of “Once-in-a-Lifetime Experiences You Could Have at Comic-Con 2013.” No, none of them include riding Serenity out of San Diego with Summer Glau at your side, sorry. 

IGN will be streaming live from it, so you can pretend to really engrossed in your spreadsheets while wishing you were there dressed as Deathstroke’s weird cousin. 

Oh, and Felicia Day will be there doing Felicia Day stuff, like a cosplay prom. Check out her invite:

Aaaaand there’s beer.

And of course there’s always Comic-Con’s website or whatever.

Hideo Kojima is “depressed” and stuff

Because he feels his fifth video game franchise instalment, Metal Gear Solid V can’t compete  with Grand Theft Auto V. It’s the Battle of Vees, folks, and not the one you hoped it would be. But he also said that on Twitter, and we all know people don’t say what they really mean on Twitter… Right? RIGHT?! OH GOD, WHY WOULD MY MOM TWEET THAT?!

Music Video of the Week: “I Don’t Wanna Be Alone Tonight” by Masked Intruder

More 8-bit action! But this is much, much gorier than Anchorman.

Just Because Music Video: “Bad Parts” by Mixtapes

Good song. Dig it. 

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