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Wolverine is (Maybe) Dying in a Few Months (or Something)

Hey there! It’s been a while. I shouldn’t’ve left you without a dope beat to step to. My bad.

Anyway, what’s up?

According to Comic Book Resources, Wolverine has “3 Months to Die” beginning in June.

For those following Wolverine’s current arc, this doesn’t come as a surprise, as it has been an exploration of our favourite dude with two first names’ mortality.

But, of course, there’s some ambiguity in the title — what’s the deadline? What happens then? Is it Logan that dies in three months? OMG what’s happening?!

As Marvel’s Axel Alonso says in the interview, laughing like the maniacal puppetmaster he is, “Of course, the title is ripe with implication.”

Stop toying with our heartstrings, Alonso! Just kidding. Keep it up; we love it.

It looks to be a solid title — one definitely worth adding to your file.

If nothing else, we get some sweet variant covers like this one:

Fuzzy fuzzy skulls everywhere

Wolverine #9 variant by Ryan Stegman (Image credit due to CBR, obvs)

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Captain America’s got Some Good Buzz

…And it’s not just his haircut.

Apparently Captain America: Winter Soldier, aside from stealing what would have been a great title for a Captain Canuck movie, is crazy good, even being heralded as “Marvel’s best yet.”

Based on the reactions of those lucky enough (see: Marvel’s writers/resident nerds) to see early screenings, it’s a solid movie, even with it’s over-two-hour run time. Apparently, the characters are awesome (especially Anthony Mackie as The Falcon — who would’ve guessed?), the action is spectacular and Scarlett Johansson is in it, doing her Black Widow thang.

Is this her Jean Grey impression?

Screen Crush has the most comprehensive list of all the lucky bastards previewers’ tweets, all of them singing high praise.

But really, you were gonna watch it anyway… So you could tweet the same.

But, for now, you can watch the first ten minutes or so right here.

Oh, and, as what is kind of an awesome cross-promotion, Skype now has Winter Soldier-themed icons for you to use, as well as a bunch of wallpapers and such. Check ’em out!

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Weekend Table Talk: South Yemen Independence Day Edition

That’s right, it’s November 30! So get your best several thousand friends, slam back a couple of shots and reenact the South Yemen Civil War. While you’re stuck in the trenches, you can talk about comics and be the most inspiring leader ever in the process. 

RIP Josh Medor

Josh Medor was an insanely talented artist who passed away of spinal cancer at 36. His art is insanely intricate and beautiful, as you can see below. He will certainly be missed.

Robert Kirkman and Neil Gaiman are better/more successful writers than you

… And me. So far. Apparently, there’s a list of the most powerful Hollywood writers and a couple of people have read it – namely, your mom and that douchey friend of yours who acts like she cares about things like this. Anyway, number 23 on that list is Neil Gaiman and number six is Robert Kirkman. Speaking of Neil Gaiman…

Professor X is in Neverwhere

That’s young Xavier, James McAvoy, and it’s a radio play. Christopher Lee is also in it and holy crap he’s 90! Did you know Christopher Lee is 90?! And still acting! Man, Saruman is awesome. Let’s hope, with him in it, the radio cast will cause some sort of War of the Worldstype panic.

Grant Morrison: Mr. Moore, stop being such a grumpy Gus

Grant Morrison set out the other day to clarify the grudge between him and Alan Moore. Namely, Grant feels Alan should  shave his everything. Okay, not really, but the whole thing is worth a read if you have a spare hour.

James Gunn is not that funny, people finally realize it

James Gunn directed Slither, which was awesome, and Super, which wasn’t. Now, he’s directing the Guardians of the Galaxy movie and people dug up a blog post from a couple of years ago where he talked about which superheroes he would have sex with and how he would have said sex with them. Now some people are up in arms about it and want him removed from the upcoming movie.

Surprising, right? Who would guess that guy’s a jerk?

X-Men: Days of Future Past might rule, judging by casting rumours

So, let’s see who’s reprising their roles… Professor X, Magneto and possibly Wolverine.

Hell yes.

Guess who Marvel is suing now

Nope, it’s not some kippa dealer in Jerusalem. It’s Ghostface Killah. Yeah, that’s right – he sampled the old Iron Man cartoon and now Marvel wants $20 million from him. Ghost’s response? “It’s wack.” You can read all about it in this article, which is notable for being probably the only time “spitta,” “wack” and “exorbitant” have existed in the same sentence.

Anti-Flag is releasing an EP called “Bacon”

And, of course, it looks just like bacon. Not really sure what to make of this, but it exists, so make of it what you will.

The record.

The cover or something.

International Articles

Is there a future for comics in Ukraine? [Kyiv Post]

Cartoonists capture angst of Syrian conflict [Al Jazeera]

Legend lives in Edson

If you’ve never watched the video of Robert Wilkinson singing Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” in the back of an Edson RCMP cruiser, you’re in for a treat. It’s below, but just in case you were wondering, dude showed up at his court date wearing a viking helmet and sunglasses. He is everything you want to be and more. Is he available for motivational lectures?

Oh, and here’s a Spanish preview of Tyreese in The Walking Dead

He teaches Glenn how to box and it’s intense.

Music Video of the Week: “Closer” by Tegan and Sara

Because you just try to name to two cooler twins from Calgary. Thought so. Also, the song is all about sex (like most songs), so that’s nice. It makes up for the so-so video.

And your motivational poster for the week

Have an excellent weekend!

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Weekend Table Talk: Fontanalia Edition

It’s Friday the 12th – which is almost as terrifying as Friday the 13th! Stay inside, lock the doors and don’t answer no matter who it is. Or tell your neighbours to do that while you run around the neighbourhood with your favourite machete and hockey mask. Or go to work and have an awful eight hours and blame it on the day, rather than the fact that your boss was a former ostrich rancher and doesn’t really know how to communicate with humans. Or just read this stuff.

It’s New York Comic-Con this Weekend

So if you’re in the neighbourhood, stop by and hang with Brian Azarello, Grant Morrison and an elderly Jewish fellow named Stan Lee. It advertises itself as “the biggest and most exciting popular culture convention on the East Coast.” Which is awfully specific, so it may suck. The latest news to come out of it so far is that Scott Snyder and Jim Lee are working on a new Superman book for next year.

Oh, and there is Ninja Turtles LEGO

Another announcement courtesy New York Comic-Con. Your eight-year-old self is currently jumping off the walls and walking back and forth trying not to look excited. Your current self is wondering whether your parents will still get you a LEGO set for Christmas.

Or if they’ll get it for you in advance.

Marvel is in reboot denial

According to Axel Alonso, “[Marvel Now!] is not a reboot. We’re simply hitting the ‘refresh’ button.” Which is kinda like saying, “I’m not drunk. I’ve simply consumed a number of alcoholic beverages and can’t really walk.”

Guillermo Del Toro is releasing a Pacific Rim comic

Pacific Rim is probably going to rule, because Guillermo Del Toro rules at making movies. Simple facts. Another fact: Del Toro is releasing a prequel comic before the movie comes out next July 12. Because you needed a reason to buy more comics.

Also, Idris Elba should just take all of Tom Cruise’s roles from now on. Actually, scratch that. All of Tom Cruise’s roles suck now, so he can have them.

Would you trade the Batmobile for a Kia?

No? What if the Batmobile was a Kia? Change your mind? Yeah, fair enough. Even if it does look like Bruce Wayne’s soccer mom edition, it still probably drives like shit.

Or, as they say, “like a Kia.”

And finally… Check out an awesome Young Avengers #1 variant cover by Bryan Lee O’Malley (the Scott Pilgrim dude)

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Weekend Table Talk: Fall Rises

This weekend marks the start of fall (or autumn, if you like calling seasons the same names as chicks who are always hot).  Which means it won’t be too long before you can make leaf piles, romp in them and then lay down and read comics in them. You know, because you’re an adult and you’ve earned it. Until then, here’s some conversation fuel. First up…

If you’re in Edmonton, check out the Pop Culture Fair

If you want to nerd out over cool stuff, you should hit it up. While you’re there, check out the always-excellent Zombie Ink. They cool, and will have a ton of excellent things for excellent prices.

Man, America has some tough choices

Not really. I mean, Obama sure ain’t the best, but holy crap Romney is an asshole. Anyway, if life was like Marvel’s Ultimate Universe, where Captain America was just elected POTUS – sorry, sometimes an acronym is too awesome not to use – the US would be doing just fine.

Does this mean Bucky is veep? Aw, man, he always dies.

So, the new Judge Dredd movie might be awesome

So far, Dredd is pulling in some mighty fine reviews. On Metacritic, it has a higher average than Trouble with the CurveSo that leaves Eastwood no choice but to put on a massive suit of armor and rack up a body count in the dozens (all the while scowling like he did in the ’60s).

Speaking of Eastwood, remember when going to watch his movies wasn’t a guilty pleasure? Earlier this summer was cool…

Man, DC and Marvel are kinda like jerks

A retailer in Jerusalem was selling unlicensed kippas (jewish skull caps), so Marvel sued him. Then DC was all like, “Hey, that’s not a bad source of revenue.” So now they’re suing him, too. Dude, anyone who’s been to any market in any country ever including this one can’t spin around without hitting some unlicensed material. Is it really worth suing a small independent hat retailer over? Fuck off…

Oh, crap. That’s Stewie. Expect a letter from Fox soon, dude, sorry.

Some dude in Calgary is nicer than you

What? Sorry, it’s true. He donated most of his comic collection to sick kids at the Alberta Children’s Hospital. What have you done lately? That’s what I thought. Even though dude’s last name is Doucher (which probably isn’t pronounced “doosh-er,” it’s way funnier to imagine it is), he’s still a-okay.

Greg Rucka is kind of annoyed

Greg Rucka writes good stuff that you should read, like Batwoman: Elegy and Whiteout. He has some strong words for the Big Two publishers. It’s nothing you haven’t heard before, but perhaps it will be one more voice that may make them consider their business tactics. Or not.

And now the audio/visual component

Sort of

MTVHive has a great article about indie musicians getting involved with making music for video games. It’s pretty cool; more importantly, it gives me a chance to post The National’s excellent “Exile Vilify.” It rules, like every other song they have ever done, and they made it for Portal 2, which also rules. Did you find the room it’s in?

And some K-Pop for your weekend

You’ve probably one of the 200 million or so that have watched PSY’s music video for “Gangnam Style.” If not, do it. You were probably wondering what it would be like if Deadpool was in the video instead of some Korean dude. Well, it’s your lucky day. Have an exquisite weekend (and good luck getting this out of your head).

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Weekend Table Talk: Angry Cocks Edition

A lot happened this week. There was Canada Day, Independence Day, and the day you finally figured out that 24 is not too young to trim your nose hairs. Unfortunately, all of those monumental events meant that a lot of people had days off this week. So not a lot happened in comics, but what did happen was pretty cool. Check it out…

So, Higgs boson tells Jesus to clean his room and Jesus is all like, “You’re not my dad!”

Wondering what all the fuss is about the Higgs boson discovery? Or just wondering what the hell it is? So is everyone else, despite what they tell you after a few cosmopolitans. Fortunately, Technabob found a great comic explaining the whole thing, plus a little extra. It’s written and drawn by Jorge Cham, the same guy who does the wonderful PhD Comics.

Well, if DC did it…

DC had a really successful relaunch last September and they’re still reeling in the rewards of good storytelling. Looks like Marvel’s taking a cue from them. Marvel NOW!, despite it’s name, is not an ’80s workout video. It’s the lame name of Marvel’s planned relaunching or launching of 20 titles. Here’s hoping there will be a book that will feature the characters acting their actual age. You know, featuring a 50-year-old Spider-Man telling Wolverine to “calm down, middle age ain’t nothin’.” If it’s anywhere near as badass as Old Man Logan, it’ll be just fine.

Featuring gory-as-hell indigestion.

The lawsuit against The Oatmeal was dropped

The Oatmeal is hilarious. Unfortunately, wacko lawyers and sketchy websites don’t agree, so The Oatmeal ended up at the receiving end of a lawsuit over some things he said about Funny Junk (link not included because it sucks). You can read all about in typical Oatmeal fashion here. But now the lawsuit has been dropped, after The Oatmeal raised over $200,000 for charity. The moral here is that every time you talk smack, charities benefit.

The guy who writes Chew is writing Batman

John Layman, who writes one of the most badass comics on racks today, will be writing for Detective Comics starting with issue 13. Here’s hoping Poyo gets a cameo.

"I'm in this for the money."

Perhaps he takes out Scarface… Because, seriously, how hard is it to kill a puppet?

There’s a rare comic auction in Edmonton

So if you’re in the Edmonton area and feel like getting your hands on the first issue of The Avengers, there’s an auction going on at the end of the month. Get to crackin’ that piggy bank.

Well… See ya in August!

I’m heading out to Croatia for three weeks, so this blog won’t be updated while I’m gone. Avoid crying for the time being – I’ll be back in time for Civic Holiday. Until then, just keep watching this awesome video of hipsters trying to guess what the Higgs boson is. Much love!

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Weekend Table Talk: The “I’m Not Wearing Pants” Edition

Interpret the title whatever way you want. Perhaps it refers to The Metal Men, who never wear pants because they do not need to worry about hiding their giant alloy erections. Or maybe it’s referring to Kyle and Northstar’s honeymoon, which probably involved either” a) no pants ever, or; b) the smallest, tightest neon leg covers that can barely referred to as “pants.” Anyway, here’s some stuff to talk about if you run into a comics nerd at your local table dancers’ apartment. First up…

Barry Sonnenfeld is attached to DC’s Metal Men

So that means absolutely nothing, but it’s like DC’s not even trying to make good movies that don’t have Christopher Nolan as director. “Hey, you know what ruled? Wild Wild West. Let’s get that guy to have something to do with The Metal Men. He always makes good movies, right?” Ugh…

Northstart and Kyle got hitched. Yes, that’s still semi-news

What is really baffling is why they went to New York. They’re Canadian, which makes pretty well everything easier, except keeping your federal government job. Boom. Suck it, Harper.

But do they kiss? Oh, the suspense! That would have been ballsy of Marvel, hey? Two dudes kissing on the cover of a major comic book – wicked. Unfortunately, Marvel is a bunch of cowardly ninnies who are old enough to remember when “ninny” was the ultimate insult.

In honour (yeah, spelled with a u) of that, this list was made

It’s of the best LGBT comic characters, and it’s, like, four characters long. Keep it progressive, mainstream comics. Perhaps it’s just laziness on the part of Comic Vine, but let’s not get into that here.

George Takei is awesome, in Archie’s buddy’s comic

Kevin Keller is gay, so everyone in Riverdale pretends to be his best friend, especially Jughead, who probably wants to bang him anyway. So George Takei is showing up, because he’s hilarious and gay.

Is Mrs. Grundy the ensign in this episode?

Did you watch the newest episode of Futurama?

If not, you should, if only for the opening sequence. It’s all live-action, with cheap props, and it’s pretty darn excellent.

LEGO Batman 2 is apparently awesome

The reviews are in, and it appears that LEGO is killing it, not only in the mini construction business, but also in videogames. The best Superman game ever? Possibly.

Artist Sharon Moody paints a scene you know all too well

Her talent is phenomenal, so she draws photorealistic scenes featuring comic books in mid-read. Enough explanation. Prepared to be amazed… And then go to Comics Alliance to check out the rest.

Yeah, that’s a fucking painting.

This dude is great and makes some points

Zach Weiner, despite his unfortunate(ly awesome) name, draws a great webcomic called Sunday Morning Breakfast Cereal. It’s funny. He also likes regular strips and such, and he knows a bunch about them, so TED asked him to talk about them. He did, and if you have never read The Ten-Cent Plague by David Hajdu, then watch his speech. Or just watch the speech, as it’s great. Especially how he mispronounces the soon-to-be-former Public Safety Minister and all-around dipshit sensationalist Vic Toews.

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What is Green Lantern Alan Scott’s Outing?

On Friday, DC announced that Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern who is now relegated to acting as Earth 2’s emerald warrior, is gay.

Since then, there has been almost as much news coverage as there has been “flaming” jokes. Most people view this as a good thing, a long overdue tip of the hat to a group of people largely ignored by mainstream comics.

But how can one describe DC’s decision? Is it a shrewd publicity manoeuvre? A cowardly cop out by a publisher struggling to keep up with the times? Or a giant step forward for mainstream comics?

It’s all three.

It’s a shrewd publicity manoeuvre

By the time Friday rolled around, it had been a while since DC made any sort of newsworthy announcement (the last being the announcement of the highly controversial “Before Watchmen” miniseries’).

Also, Marvel’s publicity machine was in its highest gear, flashing Northstar’s Big Gay New York Wedding in everyone’s face. Even the hardcore comic-reading audience of The View got to hear about it.

Yeah, that’s right, you heard noted Iraq War supporter and anti-Plan B dipshit Elisabeth Hasselbeck refer to a comic she’s likely never read or had anything to do with as “cutting edge (twice!).” That’s like a turtle looking at a telescope and calling it “cutting edge” – he has no idea what it’s for or any reason to go anywhere near it, he just wants people to think he’s informed.

Or something.

Anyway, obviously DC had to do something in return and do it quick.

And yes, Scott’s outing was clearly in the works for quite some time (as comics aren’t written and pencilled and inked and couloured overnight), but it still seems like DC is trying to outgay Marvel.

The mid-November back-alley meeting probably went something like this:

Marvel: Yeah, so, Northstar’s going to totally marry Kyle.

DC: No shit?

Marvel: Yeah, no big deal. What are you going to do about it?

DC: Yeah, well, Green Lantern’s gay.

Marvel: Everyone knows that.

DC: No, but for real! He’s going to come out and kiss a dude and everything!

It’s a cop out

Alan Scott? Really? C’mon, DC, you could have picked a higher profile hero than that. They guy lives in a parallel universe. Nobody reading the comics with the regular continuity (the good stuff) cares about Earth 2.

Sure, Alan Scott was the original Green Lantern, but his profile is nowhere near as high as Hal Jordan’s, or even John Stewart, Guy Gardner or Sinestro.

And not nearly as badass as Kilowog, ya poozer.

Or the eyeball-busting badass, Bzzd.

Or most Green Lanterns, with the exception of Ch’p. As you can see from this panel, he is fighting someone he calls a “pirate.” Perhaps because they ripped off an early-twentieth century slapstick act’s name.

When DC announced that the character coming out was “established,” it was hard not to interpret that as meaning one of their major characters.

So it was a tad disappointing when they announced that it was a fourth string Green Lantern from a parallel universe. So I guess we don’t have to worry about his gayness sneaking into any main DC storylines.

Or a movie. God forbid those gays get any ideas from movies.

It’s a giant step forward for mainstream comics

Despite everything, it’s about goddamn time someone other than Batwoman was outed. And this will hopefully, one day, be looked upon as one of the major steps towards comic characters whose sexuality is merely a part of their character, not a news event.

Perhaps this will start a series of outings from all across Marvel and DC’s respective universes. I mean, have you seen some of the outfits these dudes are wearing?

Very few people will be surprised when The Martian Manhunter comes out.

As you read this, his mother is writing him a letter, telling him she loves him no matter what.

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Weekend Table Talk: The “June Sucks Because it Doesn’t Have Holidays” Edition

Okay, so that title probably angered some Slovenians who were planning to take the day off for Statehood Day. But really, there’s no stat holidays in June, so the month sucks. That said, it is Black Music Month (which I didn’t research very heavily-or at all-so one can only assume it’s dedicated to Norwegian black metal bands with African singers)  and Bike Month (in the BC lower mainland), so you can ride your double-seater bicycle while your passenger sings you Otis Redding songs. But until that glorious day comes, here’s some other things that are happening. First up…

There’s a full-on DC fighting game coming out

Remember Mortal Kombat vs. the DC Universe? Remember how it would get easier after you lost a fight three consecutive times? Well, now you get the chance to “suddenly start doing well in the third round” with nothing but DC characters. Check out the trailer for Injustice: Gods Among Us, where Solomon Grundy speaks more eloquently than ever before.

Northstar and Kyle are getting married, to nobody’s surprise

Marvel announced it, and now two handsome young men are getting married in New York, while Iceman for some reason decides to stand 300 feet away on an ice trail and look like a smug jackass. Anyone else sense jealousy? Two Scottish MPs are really jazzed about the whole affair as well. Anyway, it comes out on June 20, so order it right away.

Somewhere, Rick Santorum is in a dark room, whipping himself with rosary beads and reading an advanced copy.

Jim Unger passed away on Monday

He was the creator of the consistently funny and always popular daily strip Herman and one of the best Canadian cartoonists. His one-block strip was carried in over 900 newspapers worldwide. Not bad for a guy who rarely, if ever, drew people with eyeballs.

Alan Scott, the Green Lantern nobody cares about, is probably gay

Or so says dude from Bleeding Cool. So, apparently, DC was right when they said “established” but neglected to say “popular” or “was actually in movie or something.” Also, Longbox of Awesome totally nailed it.

Baracks Bunny?

Some writer for Yahoo compared Mitt Romney and Barack Obama to Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny, respectively. It’s about right.

Marvel creates new superhero, becomes a mom’s favourite company ever

So, this little kid in the U.S. was being a little shit (as little kids are wont to do) and refusing to wear his blue hearing aid. His sound argument? “Superheroes don’t wear hearing aids.” Which is a sound argument (one you’re undoubtedly going to use the next time don’t want to wear your seatbelt, jump out of a plane without a parachute or pay taxes). So the mom wrote to Marvel, who wrote back and said that Hawkeye totally wears a hearing aid. Then they did one better and created a superhero called The Blue Ear, who wears a wicked good hearing aid.

“And the combination to that safe is…”

Meanwhile, DC created a superhero that runs around breaking children’s hearing aids…

Just kidding.

But seriously.

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DC is Getting a Little Gayer

As much as it pains most comic book fans to admit, mainstream comics move at a glacial pace when it comes to social issues (much like their motherland, ‘Merica). But, with a couple of recent announcements, it looks like that pace could be quickening.

If you are planning on watching/have already watched The View today, well – really? The View? You really don’t have anything better to do at 11 a.m. Pacific time? You seriously need either a job or some sort of fitness routine, because if you wanted to watch a bunch of old women crack jokes at the expense of one younger chick, just bring your girlfriend to your next family gathering, mix up a few stronger-than-usual caesars and let your bitter, battle-hardened aunts take care of the rest.

“We used to change his diapers. What have you done for him lately?”

Ahem. Uh… Anyway…

On The View today, and this is just a well-informed prediction, Marvel revealed the planned marriage of Northstar and his boyfriend Kyle. Other predictions involve Whoopi making some vaguely racist joke about Northstar’s boyfriend being black and Joy Behar cracking a joke that made every (both?) male under 30 feel really uncomfortable.

If they weren’t holding hands, you’d never know…

So that happened. Or some other “Astonishing X-Men” related news was announced, like… Umm… Err…

The other big announcement a few days back was that DC is planning on having one of the characters come out as “one of [their] most prominent gay characters.”

While Dan DiDio was making this announcement, Kathy Kane was holed up in her corner of the DC universe, Batwoman cowl lying unpolished in a corner, writing about “how quickly people forget” on tear-stained stationery.

The blue stuff represents her ennui.

Both of these announcements are great, because it means that DC and Marvel are finally catching up with, let’s see, Archie, about a billion independent publishers and, oh yeah, the rest of the literary world.

It also means that, eventually, these type of announcements will be so ordinary some day that they won’t even make the news. It may mean in the future that a character’s sexuality will be just another facet of their personality and not used as a gimmick to sell comics. But who knows? Let’s ask Booster Gold – he’s from the future.

“Ask me what?”

I guess that solves that.

So, now the fun part – the speculation! Since it hasn’t been revealed yet, we get to spend way too much time guessing which DC character is gay. Really, any of them are a good guess, especially since legendary DC scribe Grant Morrison referred to Batman as “utterly gay” recently.

Guess 1: J’onn J’onzz, the Martian Manhunter

If the outfit doesn’t give it away right away, the name should. Seriously, “The Martian Manhunter?” And he wears a cape? He’s like the alien version of that one queen who just stepped of the set of Rocky Horror.

That said, he is an alien, so maybe the Earthling Criteria for Homosexuality don’t apply to him.

Guess 2: O.M.A.C.

The acronym means “Omni Mind and Community.” With his fiber-optic blue mohawk and gold-adorned, skin-tight disco outfit, there’s definitely one community that would welcome him with open arms.

Guess 3: Any Green Lantern


They’re (mostly) dudes who wear “Who’s in my mouth?” party masks and get their powers from their jewellery. ‘Nuff said.

Guess 4: Tawky Tawny

Yup. Nailed it.

So, who do you think it’s going to be? Leave your best guesses (and bitchy comments about blogger insensitivity) in the comments below.

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