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Weekend Table Talk: Man of Smaug Edition

Hi everybody! Remember that? Dr. Nick? The Simpsons? Y’know, the show with the yellow people. No, not that documentary about – you know what? You’re a giant racist. Let’s talk comics. First up…

Man of Steel has a new trailer and it looks bad ass

Looks like there’s a lot of fighting and such in it. Which is pretty neat. It may be too early to call, but there appears to be 100 per cent less bastard children in this Superman movie than the last one.

The movie has a trailer for the next Hobbit, as well

Speaking of movies, Fables may be coming to theatres near you

Which may be a good thing, as long as it doesn’t end up being a steaming bowl of rhino piss like Alice in Wondersuck or Jack the Giant Suck (nobody said I had to be creative with the parody titles, alright?).

Solid Snake is now Jack Bauer

That’s right, Kiefer Sutherland is playing everyone’s favourite clone for Metal Gear Solid V. Check out the second video in this article where Kiefer kind of sounds like a wiener when he says, “What does this character want for the future?”

Like “Paperman” but wish it had nerdy icons in it?

You’re in luck. Eddie Snow made some pretty amazing stuff featuring Tony Stark and the cast of Star Trek. Check ’em out at good ol’ io9. I’m posting the full URL because it’s awesome. http://io9.com/tony-stark-cuts-through-the-paperman-flirting-with-cock-511208757

Music Video of the Week: “American Jesus” by Bad Religion

As a 20-year anniversary tribute to the kind of weird first major label album from everyone’s older brother’s favourite punk band.

Oh, and just in case you haven’t seen it yet: Dogs play Bluegrass


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Weekend Table Talk: Tunisian Revolution Day

That’s right! It’s Revolution Day in Tunisia, so fly the ol’ crescent and star and overthrow your nearest dictator (your mother, teacher or boss will suffice) and celebrate your freedom. While you’re doing that, read about comics.

GLAAD nominated a bunch of really popular comics

GLAAD has announced the nominees for Outstanding Comic Series for their media awards and of course it includes the Astonishing X-Men, since Northstar and Kyle got hitched. You’ll note that it’s not “Most Kick-Ass Series,” because an award ceremony has yet to be created that has that category because we live in a cruel and unjust world.

io9 did a roundup of cool Deadpool crossovers

And it’s neat, of course. Except the one that’s clearly a ripoff of Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth #2. You’ll know the one.

People in Alabama needed things to read

Some thieves stole a ton of comics in Mobile, Alabama. Then the bunch of [insert derogatory adjective] [insert plural southern stereotype] grabbed a case of [insert popular cheap southern beer here] and [insert highly offensive activity here] all night. It was weird.

The Walking Dead is all filled with drama and such

What with Glen Mazzara leaving and Scott Gimple stepping in as showrunner… But at least there’s a trailer for the upcoming episode! There’s a whole bunch of shooting and Rick looking sweaty and resolute.

All of Zack Snyder’s movies should be in LEGO

Kidding! But seriously… This parody of the newest Man of Steel trailer (check out the original) features everything everyone is looking forward to – Kevin Costner’s voice, Michael Shannon’s facial hair and blocks. Loads of blocks.

Music Video of the Week: “Pierce the Morning Rain” by Dinosaur Jr.

Because Henry Rollins will beat you up.

Runner Up: “Trusty Chords (live in Chicago)” by Hot Water Music

They have a DVD coming out or something but the point is if you don’t love this song, you’re wrong. Also, you should watch them live because they’re cool and Chuck Ragan is a lion in a human body.

And finally… Something that will likely keep you awake all weekend

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Weekend Table Talk: the something about IKEA monkeys edition

That’ll draw people in, eh? IKEA monkeys? In coats? Apparently, they are all sold out, which means you can’t get your favourite comic blogger one for Christmas. ‘Preciate the thought, though. What you can get, though, is a Batman-style Snuggie ripoff. Nothing says “WHERE IS HE?!” like a backwards housecoat. You can wear to your next poker game, bar mitzvah, anywhere. Just be sure to wear something underneath when you walk your kids to school. Anyway, here’s some comic and cool stuff news. First up…

DC Women Kicking Ass is excellent, charitable

DC Women Kicking Ass is a great Tumblr worth checking out. It’s no Longbox of Awesome, but it runs nearly as good charitable campaigns with some neat prizes. Like a car or something autographed by Fabio Moon! But you gotta donate a toy for kids first. Which you should probably be doing anyway, you Grinch.

Apparently, last night’s episode of Jeopardy! had a Marvel NOW! category

And a few extra people watched it and snickered at the librarian from Connecticut who didn’t know the question was “Who is Lockjaw?” I’m assuming. I don’t know, whatever, Jeopardy! is too damn long to watch a whole episode. Comics Alliance has a great article about it, so go there. They might have actually watched episode, ’cause they’re good journalists like that.

And now, in international news…

Tintin in the Congo is not racist, but it totally is

Some student in Belgium has been rallying against Herge’s book because he hates dead people he thinks it’s racist. So a Belgian court of appeal disagreed with him and said the book should not be banned. Which is fair, given free press and all that. Also, it’s exam time. Shouldn’t he be studying?

IDW is publishing a Middle Eastern comic that might kick ass

Jinnrise sounds pretty excellent – a combination of regional mythology and pop culture, just like most comics. You can read more about it here.

A British guy with a girl’s name thought he was a ninja vigilante, police disagreed

But it’s because his parent’s named him Tanis, so it’s kind of understandable that he would have hidden ruksacks of smoke bombs… That he didn’t use to escape! He deserved to get caught. He didn’t even try to get away. The best coverage of the event, though, has to go to the Daily Mail, who decided that speculative stock photos are the best way to show what dude may have looked like while dressed as a ninja in a park.

Okay kids, it’s time for the audio/visual section

Deadpool in X-Men: Wolverine Origins was awful…

But he could have been worse, as the designers show the variations that could have been

Amazing Spider-Man had a few problems

Watch them all in two minutes. The biggest one being that nobody uses Bing. Especially not teenage geniuses.

Pacific Rim has a trailer


So does Man of Steel

And there is a bunch of water and Michael Shannon has bad facial hair. Like that dream you had last night.

Music Video of the Week: “Woodpile” by Frightened Rabbit

Featuring a bunch of gawking Scottish people.

Runner up: “Inside a Frame” by Fucked Up

Never thought you’d see a Fucked Up video featuring choreographed dancing, did you? Well, prepare yourself… For disappointment, because none of the dancers are Damian Abraham. Sorry.

Just for good measure: “Cross of Lorraine” by Gallows

A great band, a good song. Certainly not the best on the album, but still worth a listen.

Remember Anita Sarkeesian?

No? Well, she started a Kickstarter campaign, and was hated on by a bunch of misogynistic gamers. Like, to an extreme degree. An unfortunate incident  to be sure. But at TEDxWomen, she talked about it. Check it out:

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Weekend Table Talk: Snowflakes and Cannonballs Edition

Deeeeeeeecemberrrrr! You excited? You should be! It’s the one month where people give you gifts because someone else was born on a specific day. So don’t waste your time wondering whether the value of the gifts you’ve given is greater or less than the value of the gifts received… Waste your time talking about comics and such! 

Jamie Foxx is going to be Electro, may sing

She takes my money / When I’m in need / Yeah, she’s a – Huh? Oh, yeah, um… Jamie Foxx is going to be Electro in Amazing Spider-Man Deuce. Rumours about Kanye West making an appearance as J. Jonah Jameson are still abound… Or at least they will be after you read this post.

If you picked up Kevin Keller this week…

What the hell is wrong with you? You’re an adult. You’re better than reading comics about Archie’s bud. Anyway, George Takei was in it, which does give you a pretty good reason, because he’s awesome and hilarious. It doesn’t, however, excuse the 237 back issues of Cheryl Blossom you have stored in your attic.

Free Comic Book Day comics announced!

May 4, 2013 is Free Comic Book Day, where everything you want is free! So walk in your local comic shop and grab whatever you can carry and let them just try to stop you from leaving without paying. It’s Free Comic Day, after all. Anyway, there’ll be releases from The Walking Dead, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (good luck getting that song out of your head now) and a secret title from Marvel. Twenty bucks says it’s another swimsuit edition.

In the back, you can see Marvel searching the universe for someone capable of writing a good Deadpool arc.

Realistically, it’s probably something to do with Thanos. In a swimsuit.

Some American shot his girlfriend because she though The Walking Dead was ridiculous

So, he said that a viral outbreak leading to the premise behind The Walking Dead is completely plausible. She said his idea was absurd. He, being the intelligent, upstanding citizen he is, took the rational route and shot her in the chest. As you do. In an attempt to redeem himself in her eyes, he drove her to the hospital. Reports on whether he bought her an “I’m Sorry” card and some chocolates have yet to be confirmed. 

On another Earth, there’s a black Superman

So that’s cool.

Man of Steel has a poster

For some reason, it doesn’t show Superman punching a ton of holes in his captors. Odd. You would think Zack Snyder would be all over that, in, like, slow motion and stuff.

V for Vendetta and Pan’s Labyrinth are being adapted as plays

The one starring V has absolutely no involvement from Alan Moore, surprise surprise. The one starring an adorable Spanish girl, however, has Guillermo del Toro directly involved, so it will likely kick a whole ton of ass. When asked to comment, Moore said, “Rabble rabble rabble I’m awesome.”

And now, for some Star Trek into Darkness stuff

A poster was released this week, featuring Benedict Cumberbatch’s villain doing what villains do best – surveying the destruction/stuff that is about to be destroyed.

And the trailer, which shows holograms being sketchy and Vulcans being logical…

Oh, and if you haven’t seen it already, DMX rapped “Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer”

If that wasn’t odd enough…

Mastodon is recording a song for Monsters University, the Monsters, Inc. prequel. These fellas are no stranger to animation, though, as these two videos show…

Yep. Music Video of the Week: “How far our Bodies Go” by Fake Problems, Against Me! and Water Tower

A bunch of cool punks hanging out and playing music? Awesome. While not technically a music video, it is a video of music, so take that as you will. Nervous Energies sessions are always great, so spend some time on their YouTube channel. And give props to the person in the lampshade.

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Weekend Table Talk: The DC Fifty-Too Edition

Want something to talk about while you and your buddies gather around the pub/Magic the Gathering/Warhammer/Five Finger Fillet/poker table? Well, here are some news bits from the last little while that will fuel your conversation.

What the Hell is DC Fifty-Too?

It’s a series of artists doing their own cover designs for the DC relaunch. Some of them are just downright gorgeous, like this Supergirl cover. Others are badass, like this Justice Riders cover. Others are hilarious, like this Clayface cover. Tell your boss to leave you alone for about an hour and check them all out here.

Forbes bets on DC

Forbes (you know, the site that has been your homepage as long as you can remember) has run an article betting on DC over Marvel to be the more successful publisher. It cites Marvel clearly winning the movie battle, but DC moving more books. There will be no way to know until early on next year if it is right. For now, here’s a quote:

DC has been no slouch in the movie department, with the Batman franchise among the most popular of all the super hero flicks, and a hotly anticipated reboot of Superman that boasts a cast of A-list actors that’s almost hard to believe.

Yup. Hard to believe that Kevin “The Postman” Costner would be in it. “Hotly anticipated” might be a bit of a stretch.

Comics on Facebook

Thanks to Graphicly, comic lovers can now read titles on Facebook. And it looks like some major publishers have signed up, like Marvel and Archie Comics. The little guys have signed up, too, which means greater exposure for smaller creator-owned titles. Now, after your cousin’s girlfriend’s classmate blocks you for being creepy, you can wipe away the tears and dive into a new issue of Witchblade. Read more about it here.

The Avengers

The Captain America Blu-Ray trailer. Check it:

A little peek at The Avengers. The always-nerdy, always-awesome io9 has screenshots from the trailer, where they describe what is happening in the shot. Lots of characters look pensive. Also, Thor doesn’t look like he’s “defending himself” so much as he is just getting his hammer back. Which could be a euphemism, who knows? Check it out here.


Joshua Jackson, who some may remember from Dawson’s Creek and others may know from Fringe, is going to write a 14-chapter digital tie-in comic entitled Beyond the Fringe. Judging by the art, it looks like Jackson stipulated that he must look “more rugged than that chump Vanderbeek.”  Read more about it at ComicBookMovie.

Ziggy… Yeah, that’s right

Whether you found it funny or not, there is no denying the impact that Ziggy had on daily comic strips. And now, the character’s creator, Tom Wilson Sr., has passed away at 80 years old. Wilson Sr. also played a part in creating Strawberry Shortcake and the Care Bears, so there is no doubt he impacted your childhood. Read about it here.


Dan Slott recently spoke with Comic Book Resources about Spider-Island. Check it out here.

And Finally… An Awesome Post-it Art War

Ubisoft Montreal put some videogame characters on their windows. Made of Post-its. Then their neighbours, BNP bank put up their own work (which you can also see via the previous link). Then, just because they can, Ubisoft Montreal made a three-story tall Ezio Auditore (the Assassin from Assassin’s Creed II, Brotherhood and Revelations). Again, out of Post-its. Then the Société Générale Bank decided to join in on the fracas. By creating a six-story Post-it note Asterix and Obelisk. 

The nice thing about these wars? Everyone wins.

Well, except trees.

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