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You Are Now About to Witness the Strenf of Superheroes

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So, what do you think? Why are so many superheroes super buff? Let us hear it in the comments!


Weekend Table Talk: South Yemen Independence Day Edition

That’s right, it’s November 30! So get your best several thousand friends, slam back a couple of shots and reenact the South Yemen Civil War. While you’re stuck in the trenches, you can talk about comics and be the most inspiring leader ever in the process. 

RIP Josh Medor

Josh Medor was an insanely talented artist who passed away of spinal cancer at 36. His art is insanely intricate and beautiful, as you can see below. He will certainly be missed.

Robert Kirkman and Neil Gaiman are better/more successful writers than you

… And me. So far. Apparently, there’s a list of the most powerful Hollywood writers and a couple of people have read it – namely, your mom and that douchey friend of yours who acts like she cares about things like this. Anyway, number 23 on that list is Neil Gaiman and number six is Robert Kirkman. Speaking of Neil Gaiman…

Professor X is in Neverwhere

That’s young Xavier, James McAvoy, and it’s a radio play. Christopher Lee is also in it and holy crap he’s 90! Did you know Christopher Lee is 90?! And still acting! Man, Saruman is awesome. Let’s hope, with him in it, the radio cast will cause some sort of War of the Worldstype panic.

Grant Morrison: Mr. Moore, stop being such a grumpy Gus

Grant Morrison set out the other day to clarify the grudge between him and Alan Moore. Namely, Grant feels Alan should  shave his everything. Okay, not really, but the whole thing is worth a read if you have a spare hour.

James Gunn is not that funny, people finally realize it

James Gunn directed Slither, which was awesome, and Super, which wasn’t. Now, he’s directing the Guardians of the Galaxy movie and people dug up a blog post from a couple of years ago where he talked about which superheroes he would have sex with and how he would have said sex with them. Now some people are up in arms about it and want him removed from the upcoming movie.

Surprising, right? Who would guess that guy’s a jerk?

X-Men: Days of Future Past might rule, judging by casting rumours

So, let’s see who’s reprising their roles… Professor X, Magneto and possibly Wolverine.

Hell yes.

Guess who Marvel is suing now

Nope, it’s not some kippa dealer in Jerusalem. It’s Ghostface Killah. Yeah, that’s right – he sampled the old Iron Man cartoon and now Marvel wants $20 million from him. Ghost’s response? “It’s wack.” You can read all about it in this article, which is notable for being probably the only time “spitta,” “wack” and “exorbitant” have existed in the same sentence.

Anti-Flag is releasing an EP called “Bacon”

And, of course, it looks just like bacon. Not really sure what to make of this, but it exists, so make of it what you will.

The record.

The cover or something.

International Articles

Is there a future for comics in Ukraine? [Kyiv Post]

Cartoonists capture angst of Syrian conflict [Al Jazeera]

Legend lives in Edson

If you’ve never watched the video of Robert Wilkinson singing Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” in the back of an Edson RCMP cruiser, you’re in for a treat. It’s below, but just in case you were wondering, dude showed up at his court date wearing a viking helmet and sunglasses. He is everything you want to be and more. Is he available for motivational lectures?

Oh, and here’s a Spanish preview of Tyreese in The Walking Dead

He teaches Glenn how to box and it’s intense.

Music Video of the Week: “Closer” by Tegan and Sara

Because you just try to name to two cooler twins from Calgary. Thought so. Also, the song is all about sex (like most songs), so that’s nice. It makes up for the so-so video.

And your motivational poster for the week

Have an excellent weekend!

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