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Thor is Going to be a Lady and that Weird Guy that Fixed Your Phone Once is in a Huff About It

So, Thor is a wuss who can’t handle his hammer (… ladies?). So his hammer, Mjolnir, is doing what any good hammer would do and taking off to find someone who can handle it.

The “someone” in this case happens to be of the fairer sex — that’s right, Thor will soon be a *gasp* lady!

Surely I won't run out of hammer euphemisms by the end of this post.

… I think.


Naturally, a bunch of morons got in a huff about the change of gender. See, if there’s anything to get angry about, it would be that Marvel chose to make this announcement on The View, which is… just not a good show, we can all agree on that, right?

Really guys? Well, let’s compare the two.

Thor (Male) Thor (Female)
Flowing Blonde Locks
Eyes in Which You Could Just Lose Yourself
A Propensity for Dress-up
A Funny Way of Talkin’
Outrageous Strength
Father Issues
A Massive Hammer (…Ladies)
Lady Parts (EW!)


Hmm. Not much difference, is there?

How about this? Next time a character changes, how about you focus on how the change will affect the story rather than the character’s gender. Then order the comic, read it and if your knickers are still in a twist, launch a nuanced, intelligent argument. Until you can do that, shut the hell up. Your petulant whining is doing nothing for the reputation of comic readers and comics as a whole.

Also, this is far from the first time a woman has been Thor. Remember when Rogue hung out with Mjolnir for a bit? Or, more recently, Thor Girl? Or what about when Odin tricked Thor by changing him into a woman during Alex Ross’ Earth X? This isn’t exactly new, ground-breaking stuff here, fellas.

Ah do delcare, ah’m glad Rogue doesn’t have a forced accent anymore.

Guffaw, guffaw, guffaw - wait, are you just gonna stare in the mirror forever?

Stellar trick, Loki. What dude doesn’t want to be a lady for a little while?

And really, regardless of gender, Thor still pales in comparison to Throg.


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