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Betting on DC’s TV

This fall, fans of the DC Universe have a good problem: attempting to choose which TV adaptation to watch. Arrow found unlikely success by taking a middle-aged Justice League member with an awesome goatee-moustache combo and a Robin Hood Complex and giving him the CW treatment.

He wears green stuff. Get it?

The CW Treatment: Take a character, make him half his age, hire Jared Leto’s makeup consultant and cast someone handsome, yet completely unremarkable.

What does any good entertainment company do once it finds success? Beat that formula into the ground! This fall, you can catch The Flash, Constantine and iZombie on the small screen. But which ones are worth watching? Glad you asked…

DC Show Worth Watching With the Best Source Material: iZombie

Chris Roberson and Joshua Hale Fialkov penned a masterpiece a few years back about a young lady zombie who eats brains to sustain herself. It was smart, funny and featured a ghost from the ’50s and a were-terrier, among others. Unfortunately, it never found its readership and DC cancelled it. Now, the CW is reviving Gwen and friends in a very different context… she solves crimes or something.

I think we all knew this girl in high school

“Brrrrrraaaaains – sorry, I mean… Ugh. Brains.”

Sounds ridiculous, but Rob Thomas, the dude behind Veronica Mars, is attached, so it may actually be a quality show with wit, decent acting and charm. If that’s not enough, it starts the freakin’ Yellow Power Ranger, Rose McIver!

If you want to catch up on the series so you can compare and complain, there are only four trades, so you can order them and knock ’em off in an afternoon. I mean, how can you refuse with amazing art like this:


Show with some recent turbulence, so it may be great or terrible, but it has fire and demons and accents: Constantine

Apparently, the show is in need of a tagline writer. 

John Constantine is a great character. Whether helping out the Justice League Dark or doing his own thing, he’s always keeping the darkness at bay, both internally and externally, while smoking, like, seven packs a day (not that that makes him great, but it lends itself to his devil-may-care attitude we wish we all had). His series, Hellblazer, has about a billion trades worth picking up and a nearly endless source of inspiration should the showrunners run dry. Also, it’s running on NBC, which, while not quite as terrible as The CW, is at least, to its credit, running Hannibal, one of the riskiest, coolest, most beautiful shows on television today.

All good, right? Perhaps not. For better or worse, there have been some changes in the Constantine camp lately. The character of Liv was written out of the show, with a different lady named Zed taking her place — not a good sign, but who knows the rationale behind it.

Also, Johnny boy doesn’t smoke and isn’t bisexual anymore — not entirely surprising, given it’s on a basic network, but still disappointing, as his sexuality and addiction(s) were prominent aspects of his character as a whole, not just fun add-ons.

Show for running fetishists, like that neighbour you hate: The Flash


You know that group that gathers at the end of your street in garish gear at 5:30 a.m and trots around your neighbourhood unintentionally reminding everyone how much more fit they are than them? They are going to love this show. Dude runs real fast and wears what looks like an ill-fitting pleather tracksuit. Kinda sounds like your gym teacher, no?

But people are hyped up about this show (“people” meaning “fans of Arrow,” so take that as you will), as its an extension of DC’s current most popular property on the CW. And many more are waiting with bated breath to see how The Flash translates to screen. He certainly has a lot of story to pull from, so it’ll be interesting to see the route the showrunners take.

It would be pretty awesome if they went all out and embraced his time-travelling in all its weirdness.

But we’ll have to wait until fall to see whether any of the hype or worry over any of these shows was justified. Until then — what’s that? There’s an IMAX showing of Guardians of the Galaxy in 20 minutes? Peace.

Yes, I live at the bottom of a seemingly endless cliff. What of it.


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New Masters of the Universe in April

So DC is releasing an ongoing run of “Masters of the Universe” in April. For those not in the know, “Masters of the Universe” is where He-Man and Skeletor come from.

You know that voice your roommate always makes when he impersonates your girlfriend? That’s Skeletor.

I don't even think alt text is necessary for this to be hilarious.

“And then there was another one of your brother’s friends! Aaaahahahaha!”

So what can you expect from the new run on the toys that ruled a significant portion of your childhood. According to DC’s release… Who the hell knows?

She-Ra returns (from where?) and has changed her name to Despera and is a something in someone’s army whatever blah blah blah. The cover looks sweet, though.

If you're wondering, yes, He-Man loves his ragdoll haircut.

If ’90s-style gratuitous violence is “sweet” to you. 

Judging by the cover alone, it will be equally as homoerotic as the cartoon series was back in the day.

“What?! Homoerotic? How so?!”


That video exists and, despite its obvious hilarity, it doesn’t seem out of place at all – it easily could be a scene from the show. Does that answer your question?

Anyway, this may be worth ordering, if only so He-Man can explain his haircut. Seriously, it’s as if Amy Poehler was playing He-Man and stopped caring about how she looked.

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Weekend Table Talk: Happy Holidays Edition

It’s that time of the year again! Time for people to say antiquated phrases like “it’s that time of year again!” Or to get together with those you like and gorge yourself while celebrating the world’s most famous magician’s birthday. Or to get ludicrously drunk and accuse your eight-year-old cousin of cheating at Super Mario Galaxy 2. Want stuff to talk about that will thoroughly alienate the rest of your family? Well, you’re in luck. First up…

Sorry to be the one to tell you this, but Archie is doing a Glee crossover

Yeah, I just… I’m sorry, but someone had to tell you this. Blame Buzzfeed. Certainly there are a dozen or so folks out there who are excited about this, but they have horrible taste in television. The silver lining is that it may lead to an Archie/Homeland crossover…

But at least I didn’t break it to you by email

Like DC’s Batgirl editor Brian Cunningham did to Gail Simone when he fired her from the title. Which is odd, given how successful Batgirl is with Simone writing it. Policymic has an interesting article, which may be a bit soapbox-ish, but not entirely misguided.

Umbrella Academy is on its way back! Killjoys is coming next summer!

ComicsAlliance has an awesome interview with Gerard Way, the rock star/writer behind The Umbrella Academy and My Chemical Romance’s Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys. Scott Allie is part of the interview, too, because anything he edits is automatically awesome. There’s also a few comments about what the fourth series of Umbrella Academy may be like.

Note the names. You want this on Free Comic Book Day.

Is crowd funding good for comics?

ComicsAlliance has another great article (the always do!) about the effect of crowd funding on comics. You should probably check it out. That is, if you like interesting reads about issues and things. However, if you like looking at pictures of cats wearing toques… Why are you still reading this?

A Merry Christmas from Mike Maihack and Batgirl and Supergirl

Mike Maihack is always excellent, so it’s no surprise that his Christmas wishes are everything that makes his work wonderful – adorable and hilarious. Killer Croc even makes a guest appearance! Read it here or below.

Ryan North is brilliant, raised lots of money for Shakespeare

If you read Dinosaur Comics, or the billion other projects Canadian genius Ryan North does, it’s likely you’ve heard of his Kickstarter campaign for a choose-your-own-adventure Hamlet. He managed to raise over half a million dollars, just a tad over his $20,000 goal. So that’s a record and holy crap it’s exciting to think of what a creative person can do with that money.

Oh yeah, Hugh Jackman will be in X-Men: Days of Future Past

Yup, ol’ Weapon X will be in Bryan Singer’s sequel to First Class. Probably (hopefully, for the ladies) shirtless. Hopefully his role will be as awesome as it was in First Class.

Spider-Man attacked President Obama


Photo by Peter Souza

Remember “Dumb Ways to Die?”

Well, now there’s “The Walking Dumb Ways to Die” parody. It’s not as cute as the original, but it’s still plenty enjoyable.

Everything wrong with The Avengers in three minutes

Aside from it being riddled with dudes, that is…

And finally, Noisey’s Christmas present to everyone… Big Boi reading “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas”

One half of Outkast gives you a cheap and easy way to put your kids to sleep. But seriously,  have a good one, and may this warm your heart.

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Weekend Table Talk: Niue Constitution Day Edition

Congrats, folks! You’ve made it to another Friday. Unfortunately, that guy you ran over in the Safeway parking lot? Not so lucky. Celebrate your good fortune by going to the bar an rambling on about the current state of comics! Yay!

This happened

Hugh Jackman (l) and PSY (r). You’re trying to figure out if this is amazing or just confusing right now, aren’t you?

DC “won” all their rights to Superman from an elderly woman

Now they can do whatever they want with Superman. Before you get all righteous and say, “Oh, what a bunch of jerks,” consider this: Joe Schuster’s heirs did nothing to deserve any money from Superman. Also, they signed away the copyrights to Superman 20 years ago in exchange for pension payments from DC. So, really, DC was kind of in the right. Also, as soon as Warner Bros. (who owns DC) won…

They celebrated by announcing a Justice League movie for 2015

Just like you and your buddies do after winning something, Warner Bros. announced a massive-budget movie featuring superheroes and a “new” Batman or something. The only difference between you and your buddies and Warner Bros. (aside from paycheques) is Warner Bros. makes their decisions sober most of the time. Although this announcement could be perceived either way.

Well, it can’t look worse than this. But we’ll see.

Because you wanted a comic about Kim Kardashian

You got it. Thanks a lot. The last media that was sacred and protected from the world’s most famous porn star is soiled now thanks to you. No – no excuses. You always ask for stupid things for your birthday and now look what you’ve unleashed upon this world. I have an idea – why not ask for the plague next time?

Hey DC, since you’re in the mood for suing people…

Matt Fraction is making a comic with Chip Zdarsky

Which is mostly notable for the title of the story about it. “Sex Criminals Unleashed at New York Comic-Con” is up for headline of the year.

The Brooklyn Nets’ Brook Lopez is a comic nerd

Which is cool. The Wall Street Journal reported on dude’s nerdiness. That way they had something to do when they weren’t busy ignoring the hundreds of protesters across the street.

Andy MacDonald is awesome

Check it out, he replaced the team from The Expendables with beloved breakfast cereal characters. Comics Alliance posted this earlier, but you can look at it below and click to see it full-size. Then  you can print it off and be the coolest person in the office.

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Weekend Table Talk: DC Has Too Much Power Edition

There will be a part two of Customer Service in the Rock ‘n’ Roll World next week, but, y’know, even creating 10 per cent perfection takes some time. Until then, enjoy the last weekend of September by playing poker, throwing knives at ‘possums, proposing people vote for you despite the fact that you are completely out of touch with everything (lookin’ at you, Romney) or whatever else it is kids do these days.  Or call your mom and talk pop culture, using the news below as fuel. First up…

Mark Millar is a pretty good writer, so Fox hired him

As a consultant on their Marvel franchises, which Millar knows all about, having written a ton of good stuff for them, most awesomely Wolverine: Old Man Logan. This is mainly good news for writers, because it means there is a .02 per cent chance that you, too can become a millionaire by writing. The chances go up if your blood alcohol level is higher than that, too. 

DC has unlimited power

Holy shit. DC has declared October 10 “Arrow Day” because that’s when Arrow premieres on the worst channel ever, the CW. Who gave DC the power to declare days? Someone has some ‘splainin’ to do. Especially when we find ourselves celebrating Mxyzptlk Appreciation Day every December.

“Sorry, kids, there will be no Santa Claus this year. Just this elderly, possibly gay, alien leprechaun.”

Patrick Stewart may come back as Charles Xavier

Professor X has been played by nobody but Patrick Stewart, so it’s safe to say he’s the best. Now he’s saying he may reprise the role sometime. Of course, he could just be messing with people. Elderly bald men are like that.

Stan Lee is probably alright, trying to relax

Stan Lee has cancelled some upcoming convention appearances. So naturally, people started freaking out about the legend’s health, saying he may be on his last legs and blah, blah, blah. Or, and this is a more likely story, he realized he’s a fucking millionaire and didn’t feel like going because he doesn’t have to do anything he doesn’t damn well feel like doing.

But Stan Lee’s too nice to tell you that to your face. He uses gestures instead.

Alan Moore has been grumpy but right for nigh on three decades now

Comics Alliance has excerpts from an Alan Moore essay from 1983, that, as the article mentions, proves that the comics industry hasn’t changed much. So if you’re planning on tearing a strip off someone, give it a read, perhaps you can learn something from the master.

And now, the audio/visual component…

Entertainment Weekly finally proves its worth

By having Cookie Monster and Grover parody The Avengers and The Hunger Games. Seriously, go watch it. Now.

Because Spider-Man is a rookie

He gets some help from some friends. It gets really funny around the 2:00 mark.

An Honest Movie Trailer for The Avengers

But not the crappy one with British people in it. The good one owned by Marvel with Australian people in it.

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Weekend Table Talk: Fall Rises

This weekend marks the start of fall (or autumn, if you like calling seasons the same names as chicks who are always hot).  Which means it won’t be too long before you can make leaf piles, romp in them and then lay down and read comics in them. You know, because you’re an adult and you’ve earned it. Until then, here’s some conversation fuel. First up…

If you’re in Edmonton, check out the Pop Culture Fair

If you want to nerd out over cool stuff, you should hit it up. While you’re there, check out the always-excellent Zombie Ink. They cool, and will have a ton of excellent things for excellent prices.

Man, America has some tough choices

Not really. I mean, Obama sure ain’t the best, but holy crap Romney is an asshole. Anyway, if life was like Marvel’s Ultimate Universe, where Captain America was just elected POTUS – sorry, sometimes an acronym is too awesome not to use – the US would be doing just fine.

Does this mean Bucky is veep? Aw, man, he always dies.

So, the new Judge Dredd movie might be awesome

So far, Dredd is pulling in some mighty fine reviews. On Metacritic, it has a higher average than Trouble with the CurveSo that leaves Eastwood no choice but to put on a massive suit of armor and rack up a body count in the dozens (all the while scowling like he did in the ’60s).

Speaking of Eastwood, remember when going to watch his movies wasn’t a guilty pleasure? Earlier this summer was cool…

Man, DC and Marvel are kinda like jerks

A retailer in Jerusalem was selling unlicensed kippas (jewish skull caps), so Marvel sued him. Then DC was all like, “Hey, that’s not a bad source of revenue.” So now they’re suing him, too. Dude, anyone who’s been to any market in any country ever including this one can’t spin around without hitting some unlicensed material. Is it really worth suing a small independent hat retailer over? Fuck off…

Oh, crap. That’s Stewie. Expect a letter from Fox soon, dude, sorry.

Some dude in Calgary is nicer than you

What? Sorry, it’s true. He donated most of his comic collection to sick kids at the Alberta Children’s Hospital. What have you done lately? That’s what I thought. Even though dude’s last name is Doucher (which probably isn’t pronounced “doosh-er,” it’s way funnier to imagine it is), he’s still a-okay.

Greg Rucka is kind of annoyed

Greg Rucka writes good stuff that you should read, like Batwoman: Elegy and Whiteout. He has some strong words for the Big Two publishers. It’s nothing you haven’t heard before, but perhaps it will be one more voice that may make them consider their business tactics. Or not.

And now the audio/visual component

Sort of

MTVHive has a great article about indie musicians getting involved with making music for video games. It’s pretty cool; more importantly, it gives me a chance to post The National’s excellent “Exile Vilify.” It rules, like every other song they have ever done, and they made it for Portal 2, which also rules. Did you find the room it’s in?

And some K-Pop for your weekend

You’ve probably one of the 200 million or so that have watched PSY’s music video for “Gangnam Style.” If not, do it. You were probably wondering what it would be like if Deadpool was in the video instead of some Korean dude. Well, it’s your lucky day. Have an exquisite weekend (and good luck getting this out of your head).

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Weekend Table Talk: No Whites! Edition

It’s past Labour Day, so you’ve hopefully by now thrown out all of your white clothes, since they’re useless now. Except for that really sweet Elvis jumpsuit – those are great for robberies and the like. Wondering what inspired the title? Check this out. Also, read about some comics and the like so you will have something to regale the other ladies with at the baby shower. First up…

Two cosplayin’ dudes got married…

Dressed like Northstar and Kyle and it’s as awesome as it sounds. Even the guests got into it to recreate the cover for Astonishing X-Men #51, which makes them the coolest guests ever. You can read about it and watch the video over at Comics Alliance.

Some party company is being sued by a whole bunch of bitter companies

DC included. Apparently, they just don’t appreciate people selling knockoff versions of their trademarks. Which is like that time Stephen Harper tried to sue The Boring Grey Sock Company because they stole his personality for their products. Zing.

Wonder Woman might be coming back to the small screen

Apparently, it will be called Amazon and “in the vein of Smallville. On the one hand, that’s good, because Smallville pulled in a lot of viewers who otherwise never would have cared about Superman, Lex, Lois, Lana and Lecithin. On the other, that show sucked. So weigh it out…

It’s extremely unlikely that anything half as cool as this will happen.

There’s an Arab Green Lantern!

In an ideal world, this wouldn’t be news. Since Ultimate Spider-Man went black, DC decided to introduce someone who also not so white they’re see-through. In comes Simon Baz from Dearborn, Michigan, who’s crazy ripped, tatted-up and on a quest to add another Green Lantern to take care of Earth, since it clearly needs more. What’s the total up to now, like, 53? Also, there is no way that Simon will be half as cool as Dr. Faiza Hussain.

Yeah, you don’t know her, but she’s cool as hell.

Rocko’s Modern Life… Live 

Yes, the tagline is ripped straight from the always-awesome Cartoon Brew’s post. But, really, there’s not a lot to do with the material given. Anyway, a bunch of the voice actors from the awesome show are doing out a few episodes followed by a panel discussion. So if you’re in Los Angeles ’round the start of October, hit it up.

And now, the audio visual portion of our presentation…

First up, Comics Alliance’s list of the best comic book covers of August, and there is some beautiful work on display.

A Liar’s Autobiography Trailer

Graham Chapman of Monty Python died in 1989. So what better time to make a fake animated biography than 23 years later? There’s a ton of animation studios at work here, but, depending on where you work, this is a little NSFW.

Crumbs by Eyal Lebovich

Enjoy this short, which features an outcast pigeon and a bagel. Thanks, Cartoon Brew!

METRO by Jacob Wyatt

This short’s got everything: a fox, a little girl and some breathtaking animation. Thanks, io9!

And finally…

If you don’t listen to Frank Turner, you’re wrong. He’s got a live CD/DVD pack coming out October 2nd. He also puts on wicked live shows, so if you ever get the chance to see him, don’t miss it. This video is from Last Minutes and Lost Evenings, and there’s a whole lot of cursing, so crank it when your reverend’s around.

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Weekend Table Talk: Angry Cocks Edition

A lot happened this week. There was Canada Day, Independence Day, and the day you finally figured out that 24 is not too young to trim your nose hairs. Unfortunately, all of those monumental events meant that a lot of people had days off this week. So not a lot happened in comics, but what did happen was pretty cool. Check it out…

So, Higgs boson tells Jesus to clean his room and Jesus is all like, “You’re not my dad!”

Wondering what all the fuss is about the Higgs boson discovery? Or just wondering what the hell it is? So is everyone else, despite what they tell you after a few cosmopolitans. Fortunately, Technabob found a great comic explaining the whole thing, plus a little extra. It’s written and drawn by Jorge Cham, the same guy who does the wonderful PhD Comics.

Well, if DC did it…

DC had a really successful relaunch last September and they’re still reeling in the rewards of good storytelling. Looks like Marvel’s taking a cue from them. Marvel NOW!, despite it’s name, is not an ’80s workout video. It’s the lame name of Marvel’s planned relaunching or launching of 20 titles. Here’s hoping there will be a book that will feature the characters acting their actual age. You know, featuring a 50-year-old Spider-Man telling Wolverine to “calm down, middle age ain’t nothin’.” If it’s anywhere near as badass as Old Man Logan, it’ll be just fine.

Featuring gory-as-hell indigestion.

The lawsuit against The Oatmeal was dropped

The Oatmeal is hilarious. Unfortunately, wacko lawyers and sketchy websites don’t agree, so The Oatmeal ended up at the receiving end of a lawsuit over some things he said about Funny Junk (link not included because it sucks). You can read all about in typical Oatmeal fashion here. But now the lawsuit has been dropped, after The Oatmeal raised over $200,000 for charity. The moral here is that every time you talk smack, charities benefit.

The guy who writes Chew is writing Batman

John Layman, who writes one of the most badass comics on racks today, will be writing for Detective Comics starting with issue 13. Here’s hoping Poyo gets a cameo.

"I'm in this for the money."

Perhaps he takes out Scarface… Because, seriously, how hard is it to kill a puppet?

There’s a rare comic auction in Edmonton

So if you’re in the Edmonton area and feel like getting your hands on the first issue of The Avengers, there’s an auction going on at the end of the month. Get to crackin’ that piggy bank.

Well… See ya in August!

I’m heading out to Croatia for three weeks, so this blog won’t be updated while I’m gone. Avoid crying for the time being – I’ll be back in time for Civic Holiday. Until then, just keep watching this awesome video of hipsters trying to guess what the Higgs boson is. Much love!

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Weekend Table Talk: The “I’m Not Wearing Pants” Edition

Interpret the title whatever way you want. Perhaps it refers to The Metal Men, who never wear pants because they do not need to worry about hiding their giant alloy erections. Or maybe it’s referring to Kyle and Northstar’s honeymoon, which probably involved either” a) no pants ever, or; b) the smallest, tightest neon leg covers that can barely referred to as “pants.” Anyway, here’s some stuff to talk about if you run into a comics nerd at your local table dancers’ apartment. First up…

Barry Sonnenfeld is attached to DC’s Metal Men

So that means absolutely nothing, but it’s like DC’s not even trying to make good movies that don’t have Christopher Nolan as director. “Hey, you know what ruled? Wild Wild West. Let’s get that guy to have something to do with The Metal Men. He always makes good movies, right?” Ugh…

Northstart and Kyle got hitched. Yes, that’s still semi-news

What is really baffling is why they went to New York. They’re Canadian, which makes pretty well everything easier, except keeping your federal government job. Boom. Suck it, Harper.

But do they kiss? Oh, the suspense! That would have been ballsy of Marvel, hey? Two dudes kissing on the cover of a major comic book – wicked. Unfortunately, Marvel is a bunch of cowardly ninnies who are old enough to remember when “ninny” was the ultimate insult.

In honour (yeah, spelled with a u) of that, this list was made

It’s of the best LGBT comic characters, and it’s, like, four characters long. Keep it progressive, mainstream comics. Perhaps it’s just laziness on the part of Comic Vine, but let’s not get into that here.

George Takei is awesome, in Archie’s buddy’s comic

Kevin Keller is gay, so everyone in Riverdale pretends to be his best friend, especially Jughead, who probably wants to bang him anyway. So George Takei is showing up, because he’s hilarious and gay.

Is Mrs. Grundy the ensign in this episode?

Did you watch the newest episode of Futurama?

If not, you should, if only for the opening sequence. It’s all live-action, with cheap props, and it’s pretty darn excellent.

LEGO Batman 2 is apparently awesome

The reviews are in, and it appears that LEGO is killing it, not only in the mini construction business, but also in videogames. The best Superman game ever? Possibly.

Artist Sharon Moody paints a scene you know all too well

Her talent is phenomenal, so she draws photorealistic scenes featuring comic books in mid-read. Enough explanation. Prepared to be amazed… And then go to Comics Alliance to check out the rest.

Yeah, that’s a fucking painting.

This dude is great and makes some points

Zach Weiner, despite his unfortunate(ly awesome) name, draws a great webcomic called Sunday Morning Breakfast Cereal. It’s funny. He also likes regular strips and such, and he knows a bunch about them, so TED asked him to talk about them. He did, and if you have never read The Ten-Cent Plague by David Hajdu, then watch his speech. Or just watch the speech, as it’s great. Especially how he mispronounces the soon-to-be-former Public Safety Minister and all-around dipshit sensationalist Vic Toews.

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The New 52 so far

It’s been 10 months since DC rolled out the New 52 – 52 new titles, all beginning their character’s stories anew.

It’s likely DC was looking to get a stranglehold of the monthly comic sales while simultaneously telling some excellent, less-convoluted stories.

So, has it worked?


The sales

Since the re-launch last September, DC has, at its lowest point, been responsible for six of the top 10 highest-selling comics in a month. At the highest, and for two consecutive months – January and February – every single one of the top 10 highest selling comic books was a DC title.

Compare that to just last August, when Marvel titles took up six of the top 10 spots.

So it’s worked pretty well for them.

It could be argued that it’s been good for comics overall, as well.

According to Diamond Distributor’s numbers, comic sales for the first four months of 2012 are up 7.3 per cent. This could be due to a lot of things – the ever-growing popularity of comic books, mostly – but certainly DC will have no problem taking credit for it.

It was all me, baby!

The excellent, less-convoluted stories

It’s no secret that comics can get a little bit (okay, a whole lot) silly and convoluted. Characters die, come back, die again, exist in parallel universes while time travelling and a whole bunch of other confusing gobbledygook.

This College Humor video sums it up well.

The nice thing about DC’s reboot is that all that is eliminated. Every story starts from scratch, reintroducing characters to each other and the reader.

What’s great about that is, not only does it make the stories easier to read, it makes them accessible. Finally, someone can pick up a copy of Superman and know what the hell is going on without having to read a fifteen-scroll Wiki on it.

And the stories have been good. Like, really good.

Wonder Woman’s storyline has been delving into Greek mythology – a gold mine – with unreal results. Brian Azzarello’s writing is top-notch, and Cliff Chiang’s art has been no slouch either.

Swamp Thing, Animal Man and Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E. are all doing crossovers as their main characters battle a natural force of death called The Rot. The results are three fascinating reinventions of often-sidelined characters with a sense of urgency that rivals the best thrillers.

And, of course, the flagship titles starring The Justice League, Batman and Superman are stripping the mythologies of these characters right down to their essentials. And now they are shining, and finally justifying why fans love the characters so much.

Oh, and Resurrection Man is cool, too.

Which you can clearly see from this completely context-free image.

But will they be able to maintain the quality and the sales?

It remains to be seen.

Dan DiDio and company have been investing a lot of time and capital into their domination of the comics industry. They have some of the best writers in the business writing some amazing stories for them.

But nobody wants to work at the same job forever, especially not those whose creative geysers run nonstop. Eventually, these writers will want to move on, and, God forbid, the well of good ideas may dry up.

For now, though, let’s relish in some of the best stories these characters have seen in years.

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