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Weekend Table Talk: Cerealia Edition

After you read this, you should go release some live foxes and, er, do whatever else it is that Romans did at their crazy festivals. Have an orgy? Why not? Read this first, though…

Elysium looks awesome and you should watch it ’cause you like awesome things and want to be cool

DC introduced a transgender character

But they did it in an awesome way – making it just another character trait, rather than something to stir the pot and sell comics. Besides, you should probably be reading Batgirl anyway, since it’s always awesome. Alysia Yeoh is certainly not the first transwoman in a comic book… And I think we’re all just waiting ’til one of the current or former Robins admits it.

Also, that cover is hard as hell.

Oh yeah, if you haven’t seen the trailer for This is the End yet…

You want to. If only for the line, “Hermione just stole all our shit.”

There was a big kafuffle about Saga #12 this week

But it was all over nothing, but people got in a tizzy and started using words like “censorship,” “Apple,” “kafuffle” and “tizzy.” It was a rough week all around. You can read about the whole debacle over at Comic Book Resources.

The Gauntlet ran an article about the Calgary Comic Expo

Which you will likely be attending ’cause you’re reading this. So check it out.

Music Video of the Week: “Party Hard” Anchoress feat. Andrew WK and Three Inches of Blood

Because hell yes.

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Weekend Table Talk: Happy Holidays Edition

It’s that time of the year again! Time for people to say antiquated phrases like “it’s that time of year again!” Or to get together with those you like and gorge yourself while celebrating the world’s most famous magician’s birthday. Or to get ludicrously drunk and accuse your eight-year-old cousin of cheating at Super Mario Galaxy 2. Want stuff to talk about that will thoroughly alienate the rest of your family? Well, you’re in luck. First up…

Sorry to be the one to tell you this, but Archie is doing a Glee crossover

Yeah, I just… I’m sorry, but someone had to tell you this. Blame Buzzfeed. Certainly there are a dozen or so folks out there who are excited about this, but they have horrible taste in television. The silver lining is that it may lead to an Archie/Homeland crossover…

But at least I didn’t break it to you by email

Like DC’s Batgirl editor Brian Cunningham did to Gail Simone when he fired her from the title. Which is odd, given how successful Batgirl is with Simone writing it. Policymic has an interesting article, which may be a bit soapbox-ish, but not entirely misguided.

Umbrella Academy is on its way back! Killjoys is coming next summer!

ComicsAlliance has an awesome interview with Gerard Way, the rock star/writer behind The Umbrella Academy and My Chemical Romance’s Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys. Scott Allie is part of the interview, too, because anything he edits is automatically awesome. There’s also a few comments about what the fourth series of Umbrella Academy may be like.

Note the names. You want this on Free Comic Book Day.

Is crowd funding good for comics?

ComicsAlliance has another great article (the always do!) about the effect of crowd funding on comics. You should probably check it out. That is, if you like interesting reads about issues and things. However, if you like looking at pictures of cats wearing toques… Why are you still reading this?

A Merry Christmas from Mike Maihack and Batgirl and Supergirl

Mike Maihack is always excellent, so it’s no surprise that his Christmas wishes are everything that makes his work wonderful – adorable and hilarious. Killer Croc even makes a guest appearance! Read it here or below.

Ryan North is brilliant, raised lots of money for Shakespeare

If you read Dinosaur Comics, or the billion other projects Canadian genius Ryan North does, it’s likely you’ve heard of his Kickstarter campaign for a choose-your-own-adventure Hamlet. He managed to raise over half a million dollars, just a tad over his $20,000 goal. So that’s a record and holy crap it’s exciting to think of what a creative person can do with that money.

Oh yeah, Hugh Jackman will be in X-Men: Days of Future Past

Yup, ol’ Weapon X will be in Bryan Singer’s sequel to First Class. Probably (hopefully, for the ladies) shirtless. Hopefully his role will be as awesome as it was in First Class.

Spider-Man attacked President Obama


Photo by Peter Souza

Remember “Dumb Ways to Die?”

Well, now there’s “The Walking Dumb Ways to Die” parody. It’s not as cute as the original, but it’s still plenty enjoyable.

Everything wrong with The Avengers in three minutes

Aside from it being riddled with dudes, that is…

And finally, Noisey’s Christmas present to everyone… Big Boi reading “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas”

One half of Outkast gives you a cheap and easy way to put your kids to sleep. But seriously,  have a good one, and may this warm your heart.

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