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Betting on DC’s TV

This fall, fans of the DC Universe have a good problem: attempting to choose which TV adaptation to watch. Arrow found unlikely success by taking a middle-aged Justice League member with an awesome goatee-moustache combo and a Robin Hood Complex and giving him the CW treatment.

He wears green stuff. Get it?

The CW Treatment: Take a character, make him half his age, hire Jared Leto’s makeup consultant and cast someone handsome, yet completely unremarkable.

What does any good entertainment company do once it finds success? Beat that formula into the ground! This fall, you can catch The Flash, Constantine and iZombie on the small screen. But which ones are worth watching? Glad you asked…

DC Show Worth Watching With the Best Source Material: iZombie

Chris Roberson and Joshua Hale Fialkov penned a masterpiece a few years back about a young lady zombie who eats brains to sustain herself. It was smart, funny and featured a ghost from the ’50s and a were-terrier, among others. Unfortunately, it never found its readership and DC cancelled it. Now, the CW is reviving Gwen and friends in a very different context… she solves crimes or something.

I think we all knew this girl in high school

“Brrrrrraaaaains – sorry, I mean… Ugh. Brains.”

Sounds ridiculous, but Rob Thomas, the dude behind Veronica Mars, is attached, so it may actually be a quality show with wit, decent acting and charm. If that’s not enough, it starts the freakin’ Yellow Power Ranger, Rose McIver!

If you want to catch up on the series so you can compare and complain, there are only four trades, so you can order them and knock ’em off in an afternoon. I mean, how can you refuse with amazing art like this:


Show with some recent turbulence, so it may be great or terrible, but it has fire and demons and accents: Constantine

Apparently, the show is in need of a tagline writer. 

John Constantine is a great character. Whether helping out the Justice League Dark or doing his own thing, he’s always keeping the darkness at bay, both internally and externally, while smoking, like, seven packs a day (not that that makes him great, but it lends itself to his devil-may-care attitude we wish we all had). His series, Hellblazer, has about a billion trades worth picking up and a nearly endless source of inspiration should the showrunners run dry. Also, it’s running on NBC, which, while not quite as terrible as The CW, is at least, to its credit, running Hannibal, one of the riskiest, coolest, most beautiful shows on television today.

All good, right? Perhaps not. For better or worse, there have been some changes in the Constantine camp lately. The character of Liv was written out of the show, with a different lady named Zed taking her place — not a good sign, but who knows the rationale behind it.

Also, Johnny boy doesn’t smoke and isn’t bisexual anymore — not entirely surprising, given it’s on a basic network, but still disappointing, as his sexuality and addiction(s) were prominent aspects of his character as a whole, not just fun add-ons.

Show for running fetishists, like that neighbour you hate: The Flash


You know that group that gathers at the end of your street in garish gear at 5:30 a.m and trots around your neighbourhood unintentionally reminding everyone how much more fit they are than them? They are going to love this show. Dude runs real fast and wears what looks like an ill-fitting pleather tracksuit. Kinda sounds like your gym teacher, no?

But people are hyped up about this show (“people” meaning “fans of Arrow,” so take that as you will), as its an extension of DC’s current most popular property on the CW. And many more are waiting with bated breath to see how The Flash translates to screen. He certainly has a lot of story to pull from, so it’ll be interesting to see the route the showrunners take.

It would be pretty awesome if they went all out and embraced his time-travelling in all its weirdness.

But we’ll have to wait until fall to see whether any of the hype or worry over any of these shows was justified. Until then — what’s that? There’s an IMAX showing of Guardians of the Galaxy in 20 minutes? Peace.

Yes, I live at the bottom of a seemingly endless cliff. What of it.


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Weekend Table Talk: DC Has Too Much Power Edition

There will be a part two of Customer Service in the Rock ‘n’ Roll World next week, but, y’know, even creating 10 per cent perfection takes some time. Until then, enjoy the last weekend of September by playing poker, throwing knives at ‘possums, proposing people vote for you despite the fact that you are completely out of touch with everything (lookin’ at you, Romney) or whatever else it is kids do these days.  Or call your mom and talk pop culture, using the news below as fuel. First up…

Mark Millar is a pretty good writer, so Fox hired him

As a consultant on their Marvel franchises, which Millar knows all about, having written a ton of good stuff for them, most awesomely Wolverine: Old Man Logan. This is mainly good news for writers, because it means there is a .02 per cent chance that you, too can become a millionaire by writing. The chances go up if your blood alcohol level is higher than that, too. 

DC has unlimited power

Holy shit. DC has declared October 10 “Arrow Day” because that’s when Arrow premieres on the worst channel ever, the CW. Who gave DC the power to declare days? Someone has some ‘splainin’ to do. Especially when we find ourselves celebrating Mxyzptlk Appreciation Day every December.

“Sorry, kids, there will be no Santa Claus this year. Just this elderly, possibly gay, alien leprechaun.”

Patrick Stewart may come back as Charles Xavier

Professor X has been played by nobody but Patrick Stewart, so it’s safe to say he’s the best. Now he’s saying he may reprise the role sometime. Of course, he could just be messing with people. Elderly bald men are like that.

Stan Lee is probably alright, trying to relax

Stan Lee has cancelled some upcoming convention appearances. So naturally, people started freaking out about the legend’s health, saying he may be on his last legs and blah, blah, blah. Or, and this is a more likely story, he realized he’s a fucking millionaire and didn’t feel like going because he doesn’t have to do anything he doesn’t damn well feel like doing.

But Stan Lee’s too nice to tell you that to your face. He uses gestures instead.

Alan Moore has been grumpy but right for nigh on three decades now

Comics Alliance has excerpts from an Alan Moore essay from 1983, that, as the article mentions, proves that the comics industry hasn’t changed much. So if you’re planning on tearing a strip off someone, give it a read, perhaps you can learn something from the master.

And now, the audio/visual component…

Entertainment Weekly finally proves its worth

By having Cookie Monster and Grover parody The Avengers and The Hunger Games. Seriously, go watch it. Now.

Because Spider-Man is a rookie

He gets some help from some friends. It gets really funny around the 2:00 mark.

An Honest Movie Trailer for The Avengers

But not the crappy one with British people in it. The good one owned by Marvel with Australian people in it.

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Weekend Table Talk: Possible No Hockey Edition

Yeah, it looks like you may be making better friends than ever with your comic collection over the next year or so. Or maybe the NHLPA and the League will reach an agreement by Saturday at midnight… But just in case, here’s some other stuff to read while you wish you were good at things. First up…

IMDb has a trailer for the next season of The Walking Dead

And it tells us not much. Andrea has yet to become a true badass and it looks like everybody chops up a metric crap-tonne of walkers in the prison yard. Michonne exists, which is a good omen. Check it out here.

The Harvey Awards happened

If you don’t know what the Harvey Awards are, they are kind of like the Grammys, except they are given to people with talent. Richard Thompson’s Cul de Sac, which is ending it’s run the Sunday after this one (September 23), won Best Syndicated Series. Because it is the best syndicated series. Finally, an awards show with no controversy. BEEBZ DESERVED THAT GRAMMY THO LOL @ BONNY BER!!!!1!! You can check out the full list of winners here, courtesy The Washington Post.

A classic, unfortunately cut short.

Arrow will probably suck, but at least Deathstroke will be in it

So that’s a bonus. There’s a bunch of other DC characters in it, too. Like Deadshot, who is kinda cool, and China White, who is (of course) played by Kelly Hu. Remember her? She was Lady Deathstrike in X2. So, she’s gone between Marvel and DC, just like Ryan Reynolds. Oh, they should fight. How long before we get a DC vs. Marvel movie?

Robot Chicken‘s new season kicked off

And they did it by making fun of the DC universe. Geoff Johns co-wrote it, Alfred Molina voiced in it and certainly a bunch of laughs were had by at least the creators. You can read a completely random review here.

Well, now he’s dead

So, the Avengers vs. X-Men battles have finally claimed a life – that of Charles Xavier, wonderpsychic. This proves that Brian Bendis loves killing things you love. So if you live in his neighbourhood, hide your pets. Oh, uh, spoilers.

If you’re confused about what the hell is going on, so is everyone else, so don’t worry.

And now, the feel-good story of the week

Some kid makes comics to deal with his autism, which is eighty different kinds of awesome. Check it out here.

Oh, and a cool artist for everyone

His name is Ric Stultz and he makes art on pages of atlases and it looks cool and his website has a bunch of stuff that looks real neat and you should go look at it and buy some prints and give it to your favourite comic blogger. Then your weekend will be truly excellent. Karma, etc.

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Weekend Table Talk: The Visual Aids Edition

No, not visual AIDS, you insensitive ninny. Also, what is this, the ’80s? Nobody’s made an original AIDS joke since people were buying J. Geils albums. Anyway, here’s some stuff for you to look at and read and maybe tell your friends all about. First up…

The Dark Knight Rises is long, etc.

The Dark Knight Rises speculation is in full swing – just a quick Google News search will turn up a crap-tonne of half-assed guesses about what will happen in Christopher Nolan’s last Batman flick. There are a few things you can count on, though; one of which is that it’s long. Not quite Lord of the Rings long, but still, two hours and 45 minutes.

Apparently, nobody’s told Nolan that the current movie-going generation has the attention span of a cocaine-fueled hummingbird.

Two dudes are directing the next Captain America movie

And they’ve directed Community and Arrested Development before, so that’s cool. We’ll see how that translates. I expect at least one “I just blue myself” quality line.

Speaking of Community

Yeah, you can play Journey to the Center of Hawkthorne for realzies. Read about it over at Paste, or go to the download page and kiss your morning goodbye.

Ray Bradbury’s curiosity is probably satisfied

The brilliant science-fiction legend passed away Tuesday morning. But don’t be sad, since he was almost a century old – 91 to be exact. Wired did a cool feature (as Wired is known to do) about the comic adaptations of Bradbury works. Check it out here.

Sorry about all those words. Now, some pictures – some that even move!

The Governor shaved for his TV appearance

He’s also got most of his body parts, which is a departure from how most people remember him. Thanks to io9.

Well, he’s got the gender on lock, so that’s a start.

Django Unchained looks awesome

To be fair, it is a Tarantino flick, so nobody’s surprised that it’s got some great dialogue, stylish violence and very bright costumes.

So does Wreck-It Ralph

Wreck-It Ralph is about an 8-bit videogame badguy who quits to find himself. Keep your eyes peeled for familiar characters, like Pac-man ghosts, Q-Bert, Zangief and even ol’ Bowser.

And Arrow has a preview

Which is really only notable for the appearance of Deathstroke’s mask, which is hanging on a stick. He probably won’t show up on the show itself, since Slade Wilson is far too badass for a show on a channel that is notorious for taking awesome source material, watering it down and selling it to teenagers.

And finally…

Watch this GIF and try not to laugh. Okay, hold it in while your boss walks by… Now let it out. Seriously – funniest thing ever.

Have an excellent weekend!

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Weekend Table Talk: May Long Edition

Looking for some conversation fuel for the weekend? Well, grab your teddy bears, your larger-than-usual bag of assorted pills and get reading below. First up…

Kurt Connors is Scottish, misunderstood

Rhys Ifans is a great actor, which is a good reason to have him play Kurt Connors A.K.A. The Lizard in the upcoming Spider-Man flick. Check out this featurette where Ifans insists Connors is not a villain.

Full-on jazzed yet? You should be. If not, check out this “super exclusive” or something four-minute trailer. The best part? When the announcer calls it the most anticipated film of the summer. That’s right, not Dark Knight Rises or The Avengers – The Amazing Spider-Man. That’s not to say folks aren’t anticipating it, but really, The Avengers made the most money in one weekend ever, so… Enjoy the trailer!

Anchorman 2 has a poster…

Full of pants and shoes that you can match up to your favourite characters! More fun than a colouring book printed by Satan.

Oh yeah, there’s a bootlegged trailer online, too

The CW’s Arrow has a clip online

Yeah, you get tired of reading all of these words, so here’s a trailer for the CW’s attempt at making another Smallville. This one, though, makes Green Arrow look, well, not blonde, that’s for sure. Although his workout is admirable.

Grant Morrison is putting on his own comic-con

You read that right. The man behind, well, everything that’s left comic book fans humbled and suffering from a minor existential crisis for the last twenty years is grabbing Jim Lee, Frank Quietly and others and hanging out at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas this September. To quote the man/legend, “It’s less of a convention and more like a conference or TED talk… After two days, you will be a changed person.” It’s expensive, though – $767 a ticket, available at the Morrisoncon site.

And finally, a present that will confuse you and make you weep a little 

S[p]oil yourself this September and get a Watchmen toaster, that apparently burns Rorschach’s image on your toast. That burning sensation you feel at the back of your neck? That’s the wrath of Alan Moore.

This should answer why so few of us are left active, healthy and without personality disorders?

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