Weekend Table Talk: Easter Bunny Edition

Whatcha up to this weekend? Chillin’ with the family? Staying at home, alone, drunk? Well, whatever you’re up to, enjoy some sweet sweet videos. First up…

The Wolverine has a trailer! The Wolverine has a trailer! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey guys! Check it out!

Okay, there’s a couple. The international trailer is better, though.

Metal Gear Solid V has a trailer! Metal Gear Solid V has a trailer! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey guys! Check it out!

Kick-Ass 2 also has another trailer

And it focuses on Hit Girl, which is always a good thing.

Oh, and this list of geeky marriage equality memes is awesome

They’re over at Comics Alliance and they rule (and raise some questions).

Music Video of the Week: “Famous Last Words” by My Chemical Romance

In the wake of the band’s demise, enjoy a video reminiscent of the time when Gerard and the boys wore epaulets.

Have a happy long weekend!

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Justified vs. The Walking Dead: A Completely Biased Judgment

One thing that has become very clear in watching the current season of The Walking Dead is that the show is, at best, very uneven. For every one taught, well-written episode, there seems to be two or three drawn-out hours of people talking about each other.

Justified, on the other hand, has made it very clear that it is not slowing down. Four seasons in and it’s still bringing you the best southern-based gunslingin’ action this side of… Anything. So let’s compare the two, shall we? ‘Cause this ought to annoy some TWD fanboys. 

Justified vs. The Walking Dead

Round 1: Writing

Let’s compare the second season of each show, shall we?

Justified‘s second season featured a town whose residents were fearing the loss of their identity as a massive coal conglomerate bought up everything it could, a criminal family that runs the same town, and a  man caught at the crossroads between running the drug business his father bought him or becoming his own man.

In the second season of The Walking Dead, Sophie was missing.

Okay, that was an easy one. Let’s compare dialogue.

20(ish) seconds each. One says everything you need to know about the character. The other… Is The Walking Dead, so Rick acts like a spoiled rich kid.

Edge: Justified

Round 2: Acting – Main Character

Oftentimes, the acting is so bad (and the accents so barely disguised) in The Walking Dead that it’s unintentionally funny. Justified, however, boasts some damn good acting and genuinely funny scenes.

Aside from that, however, both shows revolve around their main characters, Justified‘s Raylan Givens and The Walking Dead‘s Rick Grimes. Decide for yourself who’s more badass.

Edge (by reason of maintaining his sanity): Justified’s Raylan Givens 

Round 3: Pacing

Every season of Justified features a large arc with a bunch of smaller arcs within it. That way, you can jump in whenever you want and you won’t feel left out. The Walking Dead, on the other hand, spent an entire season with the characters on a farm looking for a little girl.

Edge: Justified

Round 4: Badassness

Now, Justified has it’s fair share of well-scripted violence. The Walking Dead, on the other hand, has closeups of walkers’ body parts exploding. Tough call.

Edge: The Walking Dead

Bonus Round: Best “You Gay?” Tribute

Edge: The Walking Dead

Winner: Justified

The point is, you should be watching Justified, as it is the best show on TV. Oh, and Natalie Zea is beautiful and she’s on it and you should be in love with her.

“Sure, I’m barely in the fourth season, but look how perfectly tousled my hair is!”

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Weekend Table Talk: Papal n00bz Edition

OMG NEW POPE! But seriously, who cares? Will that ever influence anything this blog and it’s readers do? No, not likely. Until the day it does, check this stuff out and talk about it with your friends. First up…

Okay, fine, one Pope thing. Then we’re done. This was real.

“Yeah, Benedict didn’t stand a chance. How many languages did you speak? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Shut up.”

Nightcrawler may be in the next X-men movie.

That’s it. Seriously. It’s a slow week.

Fantagraphics is releasing a book of Guantanamo courtroom sketches.

So if you recognize your neighbour, you should probably call someone about it. Or just read about the project and stop being such a xenophobe.

Kick-Ass 2 has a red band trailer

And it’s likely the coolest thing Jim Carrey has done since before most of you readers hit puberty. Just listen to that voice. Hell yeah.

Music Video of the Week: “I Can’t Write Left-Handed” by John Legend and The Roots

Yeah, it’s from a few years back, but damn if it doesn’t still rule. Seriously, set aside 12-and-a-half minutes and listen to the whole thing. It’s a master’s course on how to build a song. There’s a whole bunch of awesome guitar that will likely leave your face melting.

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New Masters of the Universe in April

So DC is releasing an ongoing run of “Masters of the Universe” in April. For those not in the know, “Masters of the Universe” is where He-Man and Skeletor come from.

You know that voice your roommate always makes when he impersonates your girlfriend? That’s Skeletor.

I don't even think alt text is necessary for this to be hilarious.

“And then there was another one of your brother’s friends! Aaaahahahaha!”

So what can you expect from the new run on the toys that ruled a significant portion of your childhood. According to DC’s release… Who the hell knows?

She-Ra returns (from where?) and has changed her name to Despera and is a something in someone’s army whatever blah blah blah. The cover looks sweet, though.

If you're wondering, yes, He-Man loves his ragdoll haircut.

If ’90s-style gratuitous violence is “sweet” to you. 

Judging by the cover alone, it will be equally as homoerotic as the cartoon series was back in the day.

“What?! Homoerotic? How so?!”


That video exists and, despite its obvious hilarity, it doesn’t seem out of place at all – it easily could be a scene from the show. Does that answer your question?

Anyway, this may be worth ordering, if only so He-Man can explain his haircut. Seriously, it’s as if Amy Poehler was playing He-Man and stopped caring about how she looked.

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Weekend Table Talk: Everybody Dies Edition

Holy crap, this week has been a rough one on your feeling of immortality. But at least there’s been some cool news in the world of nerdy stuff…

RIP Stompin’ Tom Connors, Hugo Chavez and Paul Bearer

A sad week for all those hardcore Canadian communist folky wrestling fanatics, to be sure. But seriously, Stompin’ Tom was fiercely Canadian, proud of where he came from and not trying to conform to another country’s aesthetic. Something we could all learn a bit from. In fact, if there’s anything he and Chavez had in common, that was it.

Record number of comics ordered for Free Comic Book Day

Yeah, Free Comic Book Day isn’t until May 4, but a record number of comics have been ordered for your comic-hungry collections. So you may want to head to your favourite comic retailers early.

Old Luke, Old Leia and Old Solo are in the next Star Wars movie

So that’s exciting. Perhaps there’s a super-badass Solo baby running ’round the galaxy far, far away. Or it ends with them arriving at Earth and starting the human race – oh, wait, we’ve seen that movie.

Iron Man 3 has a new trailer

And it’s really, really hard to place The Mandarin’s accent. Also, Gwenyth Paltrow in a bra… If that’s your thing.

It also has a homemade version

And it’s probably better.

Ever wondered what the opening credits of Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead would look like in the ’90s?

Yeah, me neither. Fortunately, someone did and the result is your childhood.

In the time before The Postal Service, there were some auditions

Who knew ‘Weird’ Al Yankovic was this close to singing to some sweet DNTL beats. Also, this video is likely the only time you’ll see Page Hamilton backed up by The Postal Service… And it’s probably the coolest thing Hamilton has done in a while (suck it, P.O.D.). Oh, and Jimmy Tamborello is not much for the whole “acting” thing, eh?

Music Video of the Week: “LMD” by RVIVR

If you don’t listen to RVIVR, you should. Check out their bandcamp page and download “The Beauty Between,” you won’t regret it.

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Weekend Table Talk: March Madness Edition

This edition has nothing to do with the NCAA. Or basketball. But you’re hooked now, so you might as well keep reading about comics and stuff. It’s a short one this week, so at least you got that going for you. First up…

“Pope OUT.”

Pope Benedict quit. If that actually affects your life, you need to reconsider your priorities. This bit was written purely so you could read the words “Pope OUT.” Twice.

Robin will die

For, like, the billionth time, DC is killing Robin. The problem is everyone knows it now, so calling it a “surprise death” (as CBC does in the article linked to previously) is like saying Stephen Harper’s personality is “surprisingly vanilla.” So pick up the next issue of Batman, Incorporated if you want to see an angry kid die (and who doesn’t?). But seriously – so far, Batman, Incorporated has been great, so pick it up for quality storytelling.

That, children, is what it looks like when people die. All people. Every time.

Chris Cooper is the new Norman Osborn

That’s right, the bad guy from The Muppets is playing Spider-Man’s nemesis in whatever they call the sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man. The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Spider-Manner? Or maybe just SMD. You know, for Spider-Man Deux.

… And that’s pretty well it for this week, folks!

Music Video of the Week: A bunch of School of Rock students playing Battles’ Mirrored

Apparently, School of Rock actually exists, and the students often cover really cool albums. Like, for instance, Mirrored by Battles. Enjoy it below. For context, you can watch the original (and see if you recognize the video game it’s played in!) below the School of rock version.

Aaaand the original, excellent for driving your dune buggy through the mall.

Have a great weekend.

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Weekend Table Talk: The Ravioli Bar Edition

The single greatest line of the week: “Man, that guy was really stoked about the ravioli bar.” Context is overrated. Let’s read about comics and stuff! First up…

Orson Scott-Card is a douche, writing Superman

Orson Scott-Card is writing a digital-first Superman story. Unfortunately, Scott-Card is a time-wasting asshole anti-gay marriage activist, even going so for as to be a member of the National Organization for Marriage, a group that, rather than send time actually helping people, campaigns against two people getting married.

Then Batwoman got married, which probably pissed Orson off

Sure, it’s probably just DC trying to catch up to Marvel, but it’s still cool that Kathy Kane asked Maggie Sawyer to marry her in the last panel of Batwoman #17. As io9 mentions, there’s no way of knowing if this move will enrage people, including ol’ Orson, or make DC cool. Or maybe just confuse some folks. For now, it’s probably just a good idea to imagine Kathy Kane serenading Maggie with her own rendition of “Maggie May.” Full costume.

“It’s late September and I really must be back at school.”

Oh yeah, the PS4 was announced

And it seems like the reaction is mixed. The Guardian didn’t seem too jazzed, despite the cool features. Goldman Sachs weighed in on the announcement, too, but they are a bunch of jerks that may be responsible for your parents’ depression, so maybe take anything they say or do with a grain of salt. Also, you don’t care. You’ll probably sell your first-born son for a first edition, anyway.

East Bay Ray is out of touch and ruins everything, Tech Dirt tells everyone

At a recent conference, Dead Kennedys’ East Bay Ray went on a misguided rant about royalties and how nobody is paying him any more. Tech Dirt decided to tell everyone about it, because to hell with East Bay Ray. Remember when he was in a punk band? Remember when he rallied against greed? Me neither, because I wasn’t alive in the early ’80s. That doesn’t change the fact that “California Uber Alles” is a wicked good song.

Simpsons Drawing Club is cool

You should check out Simpsons Drawing Club, where a bunch of artists do their own versions of their favourite characters from Fox’s longest-running and probably best show.

Music Video of the Week: “Bathroom Laughter” by Pissed Jeans

Enjoy this shopping show gone wrong. Doesn’t it remind you of Thanksgiving?

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Learning is Cool, Especially Learning about Gender through Comics

If you haven’t heard about it yet, Mark Waid, along with every person involved with comics ever, is part of a course taking an in-depth look at gender in comics. He sells it way better, so you should probably just go ahead and read his pitch for the Massive Open Online Course.

Ever want to hear Strangers in Paradise and Echo scribe Terry Moore explain his work? Or Scott Snyder explain how he manages to write such unabashedly badass stuff? Now’s your chance…

The best part is, it gives you the opportunity to live tweet questions to some pretty excellent comics creators during live interviews.

I’ve already enrolled (which proves that it’s super easy to do so). You should probably do the same. We can be in a group together and you can find out what it’s like to be in a group with someone who contributes nothing but semi-offensive jokes.

Oh, and check out who the probably-awesome instructor Christy Blanch recruited to voice the promo.

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You Should be Reading Twitter: The Comic

Twitter is a wonderful invention – quicker than broadcast news, less personal than Facebook and usually less intelligible than a five-year-old’s drawings, it’s the internet’s best source of instant hilarity (depending on who you follow).

Recognizing that, illustrator Mike Rosenthal has taken it upon himself to develop the “greatest tweets of our generation” into simple, hilarious four-frame comics. The result is Twitter: The Comic and it’s awesome.

Illustrated tweets certainly aren’t a new thing. They’ve been done well before (even The Oatmeal did a hilarious turn on the most popular tweets), but Twitter: The Comic succeeds by bringing your most depraved imaginings to life.

It even occasionally puts a tweet in an entirely new perspective.

But enough reading about it, go and read it. Then once you’re done that, check out The Illustrated Ghost, a project by Cory Godbey where he illustrates Kimmy Walters’ tweets.

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Weekend Table Talk: The Febrewary Edition

No, that’s not a spelling error – go get a brew. Any brew, alcoholic, non-alcoholic, caffeinated, it doesn’t matter. Now call your friends, family and neighbours and invite them over for a fireside chat. Be sure to tell them to bring a brew as well. Use this opportunity to tell them that you love them and whatever other news you have; come out if you want. Or just force everyone to listen to how much you love comics. That’s where this post comes in. First bit of conversation killer…

Japanese janitors are awesome

Apparently, a Japanese lady stumbled upon a maze her dad spent seven years drawing over thirty years ago. And it’s intense. This guy should have designed the world’s most awesome theme park. It only takes 30 minutes to get in, but once you’re in you’re lost for eternity.

Let's hope if this ever comes to live that it's made of corn.

Or a prison. A psychologically torturous prison.

Paste Magazine made a helpful infographic

So if you ever get confused about all the different fantasy novels out there, just read the infographic. Then say, “Thank you, Paste, for reminding me how many characters’ perspectives you read from in A Song of Ice and Fire!”

Fables and The Unwritten crossover is coming your way in April

Fables is awesome and so is The Unwritten. And it’s no secret that both series’ creators are massive fans of each other, so it would seem that a crossover was inevitable. So order it up right away because it will likely be entertaining. Plus, it gives us this cool-ass image.

Let’s hope they fight. The smart money’s on Bigby.

Ridley Scott is producing a Mind MGMT movie

Which is super exciting if you look at Scott’s track record as producer… Oh, maybe don’t. Anyway, lots of people love this series, so you should probably buy it because you want to fit in, don’t you?

Paperman is all you need to watch

1. Watch.
2. Create something.
3. Repeat.

Music Video of the Week: “How long?” by How to destroy angels_

Trent Reznor got together with his wife and a couple of dudes he works with all the time and made this tune. It’s what you would expect from ol’ Trent… Which is a good or a bad thing, depending on your point of view.

Close second: “Hype Man” by Cadence Weapon

Hey, remember when dude was Edmonton’s poet laureate then moved to Montreal?

Tied for second: “The Boys are Back” by Dropkick Murphys

Have an excellent weekend!

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