You Are Now About to Witness the Strenf of Superheroes

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So, what do you think? Why are so many superheroes super buff? Let us hear it in the comments!


The Six Best Things About Pacific Rim


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Weekend Table Talk: HOLY CRAP PACIFIC RIM Edition

Is anyone else super jazzed for Pacific Rim? If not, you should be. It’s giant robots, the pale dude from Cold Mountain, Stringer Bell and Charlie Day fighting for humanity’s survival against kaiju, which are apparently Japanese monsters or something. Apparently, other stuff happened, which maybe you can talk about in line for Pacific Rim or something. 

Pacific Rim released its final trailer

And it features a plot or something, though nobody knows why.

The BoxTrolls looks amazing

Both technically and adorabically.

The 8bit Cinema edition of Anchorman pines for the game that never was, unfortunately

Seriously. Wouldn’t you play this non-stop for at least a week, pausing only to switch out bedpans?

Going to Comic-Con next week? 

These guys will have you covered.

io9 has a list of “Once-in-a-Lifetime Experiences You Could Have at Comic-Con 2013.” No, none of them include riding Serenity out of San Diego with Summer Glau at your side, sorry. 

IGN will be streaming live from it, so you can pretend to really engrossed in your spreadsheets while wishing you were there dressed as Deathstroke’s weird cousin. 

Oh, and Felicia Day will be there doing Felicia Day stuff, like a cosplay prom. Check out her invite:

Aaaaand there’s beer.

And of course there’s always Comic-Con’s website or whatever.

Hideo Kojima is “depressed” and stuff

Because he feels his fifth video game franchise instalment, Metal Gear Solid V can’t compete  with Grand Theft Auto V. It’s the Battle of Vees, folks, and not the one you hoped it would be. But he also said that on Twitter, and we all know people don’t say what they really mean on Twitter… Right? RIGHT?! OH GOD, WHY WOULD MY MOM TWEET THAT?!

Music Video of the Week: “I Don’t Wanna Be Alone Tonight” by Masked Intruder

More 8-bit action! But this is much, much gorier than Anchorman.

Just Because Music Video: “Bad Parts” by Mixtapes

Good song. Dig it. 

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Odd Conversations Brought About by Joe Casey’s “Sex”

Hi there faithful reader. You’ll notice today’s post is a little different. Let me know what you think! All criticism is appreciated. (Click to enlarge it for ease of reading)


Any odd conversations you’ve heard you’d like drawn for a sequel? Let us hear it in the comments!

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Looking for Some Graphic Novels for a Graphically Low Price?

Check out Zombie Ink‘s Graphic Novels sale this weekend. Great deals on great books – perhaps a Father’s Day gift or two just waiting for you to pick them up.



Weekend Table Talk: Man of Smaug Edition

Hi everybody! Remember that? Dr. Nick? The Simpsons? Y’know, the show with the yellow people. No, not that documentary about – you know what? You’re a giant racist. Let’s talk comics. First up…

Man of Steel has a new trailer and it looks bad ass

Looks like there’s a lot of fighting and such in it. Which is pretty neat. It may be too early to call, but there appears to be 100 per cent less bastard children in this Superman movie than the last one.

The movie has a trailer for the next Hobbit, as well

Speaking of movies, Fables may be coming to theatres near you

Which may be a good thing, as long as it doesn’t end up being a steaming bowl of rhino piss like Alice in Wondersuck or Jack the Giant Suck (nobody said I had to be creative with the parody titles, alright?).

Solid Snake is now Jack Bauer

That’s right, Kiefer Sutherland is playing everyone’s favourite clone for Metal Gear Solid V. Check out the second video in this article where Kiefer kind of sounds like a wiener when he says, “What does this character want for the future?”

Like “Paperman” but wish it had nerdy icons in it?

You’re in luck. Eddie Snow made some pretty amazing stuff featuring Tony Stark and the cast of Star Trek. Check ’em out at good ol’ io9. I’m posting the full URL because it’s awesome.

Music Video of the Week: “American Jesus” by Bad Religion

As a 20-year anniversary tribute to the kind of weird first major label album from everyone’s older brother’s favourite punk band.

Oh, and just in case you haven’t seen it yet: Dogs play Bluegrass


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Sasquatch 2013: A List

Sasquatch 2013 was an excellent time. If you weren’t there, you missed out on a hell of a good time, one filled with little Scottish girls flexing in the rain, large redheaded rappers squinting in the sun and keytar solos.

Fortunately for those who missed the chance to journey into The Gorge, I was there. Here are some highlights.

Best Performance: Killer Mike

Everyone who’s heard it will agree Killa Kill’s R.A.P. Music was the best album of 2012. Seeing a 500+ crowd chanting the Atlanta MC’s name after one song brought chills not only to anyone in the crowd, but also to Killer Mike himself. “How’m I supposed to rap for y’all if I’m tearin’ up?” The big man asked us. Then we followed along as he shouted “Tryin’ a’ knock his brains through the motherfuckin’ ceilin’.” Also, it was adorable that his family was backstage.

For context:

Worst Performance: Ab-soul and Schoolboy Q

They didn’t show up, which doesn’t stop this song from being excellent, but still… It makes one wonder. Like, what the hell, guys?

Most Baffling Lineup: Elephant Ears at 9 p.m. on a Sunday

Seriously, in any context outside a four-day music festival, a 20-person lineup for deep-fried pancake batter would be fucking insane. But when you look at that, then look straight into the eyes of a dude wearing American flag spandex and a matching shirt and cape, it seems about right.

Most Adorable Lead Singer: Lauren Mayberry of Chvrches

Chvrches is kinda like Scotland’s answer to Purity Ring – bumpin’ beats with a lady singing. That’s not a slight – they’re quite excellent. But Lauren, with her tiny stature, awesome leather jacket and sharp-and-very-Scottish sense of humour stole the audience’s heart. She even pointed out the lack of ladies on shoulders, which was refreshing. She then related to the crowd a story of how the last girl she saw up on someone’s shoulders got smoked with a cup of piss. My heart exploded.

See? Adorbz!

Most Baffling Overheard Line: “Do you have curly fries? I can’t seem to find curly fries anywhere.”

For context’s sake, the signs in one area alone read: “Gyros with Seasoned Curly Fries,” “Boneless Chicken Wings with Seasoned Curly Fries,” “Seasoned Curly Fries with Seasoned Curly Fries” and “Deep-fried Who-the-hell-knows with Seasoned Curly Fries” and you can’t find any curly fries?!

Best Comedy Set: Tig Notaro

She can work a crowd, even when she’s talking about Onion headlines and cancer. Or making people who walk by question what exactly everyone in the comedy tent is doing as we screeeeeeeam and stop. Screeeeeam-stop. Scree-stop.

Act I’m Pretty Certain Sounds Like My Mom Thinks All Rap Does: Death Grips


Dude Who’s Probably Made the Most Appearances: Ben Gibbard

2011: Solo
2012: Death Cab for Cutie
2013: The Postal Service
2014: His new indie rap group Wile Cardigans, with their minor hit “$asquatch Money, Bitches.”

Horrifying Thing I Apparently Missed: Whatever this is

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Weekend Table Talk: The World Intellectual Property Day Edition

That’s right, folks! It’s WIPD! The holiday you’ve been waiting since last April 26 for, if you’re… Who does wait for this day? People looking to jack things from others in extreme bouts of irony? Your neighbour, who finally trademarked his super-powered subwoofer? Donald Tru – bahahahahaha! He needs intellect first. Anyway, let’s talk comics. First up…

Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are in Avengers 2

Yeah, Joss Whedon pretty well flat-out told everyone, so that’s exciting. Here’s hoping it’s Age of Apocalypse Quicksilver…

Yeah, he’s kinda like Uncle Sam… But with thighs the size of cannons. And he’s probably a contortionist.

The Calgary Comic Expo sold out

And this year, they’re telling people ahead of time that they will be turned away if they “try their luck at the doors.” Whatever. Who wanted to see OMG NATHAN FILLION IS THERE I HAVE TO GO I’LL TRY THE DOORS I DON’T EVEN CARE.

io9 has a list of comics that they think will blow your mind this summer

Most of them are pretty good, too. Although it’s unavoidable, it would be nice not to see such a focus on the major “events,” since those are hit and miss at best.

Enough with the wordzin’ already, get to the videuhz!

Okay, alright, here ya go!

Thor: The Dark World has a trailer and it looks like a bunch of people lose their eyesight to shattering glass

R.I.P.D. has a trailer and it looks like a bunch of people are already dead so shattering glass doesn’t do shit to them

Ratchet and Clank has a movie and they’re teasing us about it in suitably wacky fashion

Men, let’s face it, we ugly. Except you, Ryan Reynolds, you glass-shatteringly handsome fella

Music Video of the Week Year: “Because the Night” by Garbage and Screaming Females

This version, with Marisa Paternoster busting two wicked solos eclipses the original and gives new life to The Boss’ words. Hell yes x 10.

Also a great Music Video: “Sacrilege” by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

It doesn’t make any sense, but yeah, the choir at the end of the song wins every time.

And just a great tune: “Plain Sailing Weather” by Frank Turner

You’ll enjoy it. Unless you don’t like cursing. In which case, go fuck yourself.

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Eisner Nominees Announced!

Alright, let’s all agree that awards shows are lame and just an excuse for people to get together and pat one another on their backs and they’re always rigged and OMG THE EISNERS ARE ANNOUNCED AND THERE’S A WHOLE CRAPLOAD OF COOL PEOPLE NOMINATED. 

Seriously, it’s great to see people like Matt Fraction, Ryan North, Jonathan Hickman, David Aja, Fiona Staples, Justin Hall and err’body else be nominated. 

For those who don’t know, the Eisner Awards are annual awards honouring the best in the comic industry. It’s an excellent opportunity for people who bust their humps creating comics to feel like someone loves them… Which probably happens more than it did back in the day, but still not enough. 

Read the whole list here, if you so choose. Or just go to Comic-Con and watch the ceremonies and act surprised. 


Weekend Table Talk: Cerealia Edition

After you read this, you should go release some live foxes and, er, do whatever else it is that Romans did at their crazy festivals. Have an orgy? Why not? Read this first, though…

Elysium looks awesome and you should watch it ’cause you like awesome things and want to be cool

DC introduced a transgender character

But they did it in an awesome way – making it just another character trait, rather than something to stir the pot and sell comics. Besides, you should probably be reading Batgirl anyway, since it’s always awesome. Alysia Yeoh is certainly not the first transwoman in a comic book… And I think we’re all just waiting ’til one of the current or former Robins admits it.

Also, that cover is hard as hell.

Oh yeah, if you haven’t seen the trailer for This is the End yet…

You want to. If only for the line, “Hermione just stole all our shit.”

There was a big kafuffle about Saga #12 this week

But it was all over nothing, but people got in a tizzy and started using words like “censorship,” “Apple,” “kafuffle” and “tizzy.” It was a rough week all around. You can read about the whole debacle over at Comic Book Resources.

The Gauntlet ran an article about the Calgary Comic Expo

Which you will likely be attending ’cause you’re reading this. So check it out.

Music Video of the Week: “Party Hard” Anchoress feat. Andrew WK and Three Inches of Blood

Because hell yes.

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