Comics and the Excellent, Really Good, Super Fun Day

Today was a great day for comics! And it’s not even a Wednesday, so that’s saying something.

First off, the Eisner awards were announced, and, as expected, the best comics available were nominated, including Hawkeye (with a notable well-deserved single-issue nomination for the Pizza Dog issue) Pretty Deadly, Sex Criminals, and, of course, Saga (but no single-issue recognition for the one with the giant alien scrotum).

And the ladies be representin’ at the Eisners, which is great to see, with Faith Erin Hicks (woo! Canada represent!), Kelly Sue Deconnick, Emma Rios being recognized for what they are — awesome storytellers. It’s still a giant sausage fest, but hey, the more inclusive the comics world is, the better.

Yeah. Well-deserved, Emma Rios.

You can read the whole list of nominations here, and order up the titles and read them before the ceremony here.

Also, Scalped is being adapted into a series for WGN, which is exciting for those of us who fell in love with the tale of Dashiell Bad Horse. If you haven’t read Scalped, but are a fan of tight storytelling, incredible art, unflinching violence and nearly unredeemable characters, you’ll want to pick up a trade or two of Scalped before the series starts.

One of the tamer panels.

Dick Grayson is doing stuff this summer, like shooting guns while spiraling downward or something while not being Nightwing. Guess that’s one way to celebrate the end of Forever Evil. Grayson #1 comes out in a few months and it looks awesome and so does this cover.


And, probably most excellently, YouTube channel How it Should Have Ended released “How Frozen Should Have Ended.” What does this have to do with comics? Watch it all the way through to the end. And then after the end.



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