Captain America’s got Some Good Buzz

…And it’s not just his haircut.

Apparently Captain America: Winter Soldier, aside from stealing what would have been a great title for a Captain Canuck movie, is crazy good, even being heralded as “Marvel’s best yet.”

Based on the reactions of those lucky enough (see: Marvel’s writers/resident nerds) to see early screenings, it’s a solid movie, even with it’s over-two-hour run time. Apparently, the characters are awesome (especially Anthony Mackie as The Falcon — who would’ve guessed?), the action is spectacular and Scarlett Johansson is in it, doing her Black Widow thang.

Is this her Jean Grey impression?

Screen Crush has the most comprehensive list of all the lucky bastards previewers’ tweets, all of them singing high praise.

But really, you were gonna watch it anyway… So you could tweet the same.

But, for now, you can watch the first ten minutes or so right here.

Oh, and, as what is kind of an awesome cross-promotion, Skype now has Winter Soldier-themed icons for you to use, as well as a bunch of wallpapers and such. Check ’em out!

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