Check out John Constantine V.1.NBC

Some dude from Assassin’s Creed IV is playing John Constantine on NBC’s upcoming adaptation of Hellblazer, called, uh, Constantine. His name’s Matt Ryan and this is what he looks like:

Even though this show is on NBC, it may actually be good, given that David S. Goyer and a bunch of other talented people are involved.

Now, let’s compare this fella to the source material.

A bit more addicted to stuff, a touch older, but quite similar.

Now, just for funzies, let’s see Keanu as ol’ J.C.

Cigarette number 3,508… of the day.

But… he’s not sad… WHO IS THIS KEANU?! I don’t trust it.

Now, let’s compare all these fellas to the original Constantine, Constantine the Great, ruler of the Roman Empire from 306 to 337.

He’s all like, “LULZ.”

He may win this round…

Regardless of what John Constantine ends up looking like, that’s only a very, very small part of the show. Can Matt Ryan embody the cynicism, the cleverness and the overall well-meaning dickishness that is the English trickster?

Only time will tell.

Until then, if you like your comics soaked in nicotine and theology, order up Hellblazer.


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