“Something Terrible” by Dean Trippe is Worth 100 Times its Price

Yeah, it’s been a while. Sorry about that — things and stuff, am I right? Well, as my stampede wrestling opponents always tell me, let’s get down to it.

The best fiction parallels our life experiences — an obvious statement, to be sure.  It’s the basis for all fiction. Whether a story stars aliens that look like plungers or child soldiers in Mogadishu, it will keep us coming back if it has something, even a small something, we can relate to. An action or event will resonate with us and a character’s reaction to such action or event will grip us, keep us turning the page and the best — the absolute best — will inspire us in our own lives.

That’s the crux of Dean Trippe’s magnificent and simply beautiful comic “Something Terrible.”


In what is primarily a love letter (and a promise) to his son, Trippe explains how Batman, probably the most well-known fictional victim of childhood trauma, inspired him and helped him get through his own pain and suffering.

For such a deeply personal story, it resonates on a broad scale with anyone who’s lost him or herself in a fictional universe. If you’re a nerd for anything, you’ll find something in “Something Terrible” for you.

Also, it’s 99 cents. So buy it. And if you like it, donate.

Readers with a heart, however, would do well to keep a tear-wiping sleeve nearby.

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