Weekend Table Talk: The World Intellectual Property Day Edition

That’s right, folks! It’s WIPD! The holiday you’ve been waiting since last April 26 for, if you’re… Who does wait for this day? People looking to jack things from others in extreme bouts of irony? Your neighbour, who finally trademarked his super-powered subwoofer? Donald Tru – bahahahahaha! He needs intellect first. Anyway, let’s talk comics. First up…

Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are in Avengers 2

Yeah, Joss Whedon pretty well flat-out told everyone, so that’s exciting. Here’s hoping it’s Age of Apocalypse Quicksilver…

Yeah, he’s kinda like Uncle Sam… But with thighs the size of cannons. And he’s probably a contortionist.

The Calgary Comic Expo sold out

And this year, they’re telling people ahead of time that they will be turned away if they “try their luck at the doors.” Whatever. Who wanted to see OMG NATHAN FILLION IS THERE I HAVE TO GO I’LL TRY THE DOORS I DON’T EVEN CARE.

io9 has a list of comics that they think will blow your mind this summer

Most of them are pretty good, too. Although it’s unavoidable, it would be nice not to see such a focus on the major “events,” since those are hit and miss at best.

Enough with the wordzin’ already, get to the videuhz!

Okay, alright, here ya go!

Thor: The Dark World has a trailer and it looks like a bunch of people lose their eyesight to shattering glass

R.I.P.D. has a trailer and it looks like a bunch of people are already dead so shattering glass doesn’t do shit to them

Ratchet and Clank has a movie and they’re teasing us about it in suitably wacky fashion

Men, let’s face it, we ugly. Except you, Ryan Reynolds, you glass-shatteringly handsome fella

Music Video of the Week Year: “Because the Night” by Garbage and Screaming Females

This version, with Marisa Paternoster busting two wicked solos eclipses the original and gives new life to The Boss’ words. Hell yes x 10.

Also a great Music Video: “Sacrilege” by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

It doesn’t make any sense, but yeah, the choir at the end of the song wins every time.

And just a great tune: “Plain Sailing Weather” by Frank Turner

You’ll enjoy it. Unless you don’t like cursing. In which case, go fuck yourself.

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