Eisner Nominees Announced!

Alright, let’s all agree that awards shows are lame and just an excuse for people to get together and pat one another on their backs and they’re always rigged and OMG THE EISNERS ARE ANNOUNCED AND THERE’S A WHOLE CRAPLOAD OF COOL PEOPLE NOMINATED. 

Seriously, it’s great to see people like Matt Fraction, Ryan North, Jonathan Hickman, David Aja, Fiona Staples, Justin Hall and err’body else be nominated. 

For those who don’t know, the Eisner Awards are annual awards honouring the best in the comic industry. It’s an excellent opportunity for people who bust their humps creating comics to feel like someone loves them… Which probably happens more than it did back in the day, but still not enough. 

Read the whole list here, if you so choose. Or just go to Comic-Con and watch the ceremonies and act surprised. 


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