Weekend Table Talk: Cerealia Edition

After you read this, you should go release some live foxes and, er, do whatever else it is that Romans did at their crazy festivals. Have an orgy? Why not? Read this first, though…

Elysium looks awesome and you should watch it ’cause you like awesome things and want to be cool

DC introduced a transgender character

But they did it in an awesome way – making it just another character trait, rather than something to stir the pot and sell comics. Besides, you should probably be reading Batgirl anyway, since it’s always awesome. Alysia Yeoh is certainly not the first transwoman in a comic book… And I think we’re all just waiting ’til one of the current or former Robins admits it.

Also, that cover is hard as hell.

Oh yeah, if you haven’t seen the trailer for This is the End yet…

You want to. If only for the line, “Hermione just stole all our shit.”

There was a big kafuffle about Saga #12 this week

But it was all over nothing, but people got in a tizzy and started using words like “censorship,” “Apple,” “kafuffle” and “tizzy.” It was a rough week all around. You can read about the whole debacle over at Comic Book Resources.

The Gauntlet ran an article about the Calgary Comic Expo

Which you will likely be attending ’cause you’re reading this. So check it out.

Music Video of the Week: “Party Hard” Anchoress feat. Andrew WK and Three Inches of Blood

Because hell yes.

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