Justified vs. The Walking Dead: A Completely Biased Judgment

One thing that has become very clear in watching the current season of The Walking Dead is that the show is, at best, very uneven. For every one taught, well-written episode, there seems to be two or three drawn-out hours of people talking about each other.

Justified, on the other hand, has made it very clear that it is not slowing down. Four seasons in and it’s still bringing you the best southern-based gunslingin’ action this side of… Anything. So let’s compare the two, shall we? ‘Cause this ought to annoy some TWD fanboys. 

Justified vs. The Walking Dead

Round 1: Writing

Let’s compare the second season of each show, shall we?

Justified‘s second season featured a town whose residents were fearing the loss of their identity as a massive coal conglomerate bought up everything it could, a criminal family that runs the same town, and a  man caught at the crossroads between running the drug business his father bought him or becoming his own man.

In the second season of The Walking Dead, Sophie was missing.

Okay, that was an easy one. Let’s compare dialogue.

20(ish) seconds each. One says everything you need to know about the character. The other… Is The Walking Dead, so Rick acts like a spoiled rich kid.

Edge: Justified

Round 2: Acting – Main Character

Oftentimes, the acting is so bad (and the accents so barely disguised) in The Walking Dead that it’s unintentionally funny. Justified, however, boasts some damn good acting and genuinely funny scenes.

Aside from that, however, both shows revolve around their main characters, Justified‘s Raylan Givens and The Walking Dead‘s Rick Grimes. Decide for yourself who’s more badass.

Edge (by reason of maintaining his sanity): Justified’s Raylan Givens 

Round 3: Pacing

Every season of Justified features a large arc with a bunch of smaller arcs within it. That way, you can jump in whenever you want and you won’t feel left out. The Walking Dead, on the other hand, spent an entire season with the characters on a farm looking for a little girl.

Edge: Justified

Round 4: Badassness

Now, Justified has it’s fair share of well-scripted violence. The Walking Dead, on the other hand, has closeups of walkers’ body parts exploding. Tough call.

Edge: The Walking Dead

Bonus Round: Best “You Gay?” Tribute

Edge: The Walking Dead

Winner: Justified

The point is, you should be watching Justified, as it is the best show on TV. Oh, and Natalie Zea is beautiful and she’s on it and you should be in love with her.

“Sure, I’m barely in the fourth season, but look how perfectly tousled my hair is!”

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