New Masters of the Universe in April

So DC is releasing an ongoing run of “Masters of the Universe” in April. For those not in the know, “Masters of the Universe” is where He-Man and Skeletor come from.

You know that voice your roommate always makes when he impersonates your girlfriend? That’s Skeletor.

I don't even think alt text is necessary for this to be hilarious.

“And then there was another one of your brother’s friends! Aaaahahahaha!”

So what can you expect from the new run on the toys that ruled a significant portion of your childhood. According to DC’s release… Who the hell knows?

She-Ra returns (from where?) and has changed her name to Despera and is a something in someone’s army whatever blah blah blah. The cover looks sweet, though.

If you're wondering, yes, He-Man loves his ragdoll haircut.

If ’90s-style gratuitous violence is “sweet” to you. 

Judging by the cover alone, it will be equally as homoerotic as the cartoon series was back in the day.

“What?! Homoerotic? How so?!”


That video exists and, despite its obvious hilarity, it doesn’t seem out of place at all – it easily could be a scene from the show. Does that answer your question?

Anyway, this may be worth ordering, if only so He-Man can explain his haircut. Seriously, it’s as if Amy Poehler was playing He-Man and stopped caring about how she looked.

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