Weekend Table Talk: Everybody Dies Edition

Holy crap, this week has been a rough one on your feeling of immortality. But at least there’s been some cool news in the world of nerdy stuff…

RIP Stompin’ Tom Connors, Hugo Chavez and Paul Bearer

A sad week for all those hardcore Canadian communist folky wrestling fanatics, to be sure. But seriously, Stompin’ Tom was fiercely Canadian, proud of where he came from and not trying to conform to another country’s aesthetic. Something we could all learn a bit from. In fact, if there’s anything he and Chavez had in common, that was it.

Record number of comics ordered for Free Comic Book Day

Yeah, Free Comic Book Day isn’t until May 4, but a record number of comics have been ordered for your comic-hungry collections. So you may want to head to your favourite comic retailers early.

Old Luke, Old Leia and Old Solo are in the next Star Wars movie

So that’s exciting. Perhaps there’s a super-badass Solo baby running ’round the galaxy far, far away. Or it ends with them arriving at Earth and starting the human race – oh, wait, we’ve seen that movie.

Iron Man 3 has a new trailer

And it’s really, really hard to place The Mandarin’s accent. Also, Gwenyth Paltrow in a bra… If that’s your thing.

It also has a homemade version

And it’s probably better.

Ever wondered what the opening credits of Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead would look like in the ’90s?

Yeah, me neither. Fortunately, someone did and the result is your childhood.

In the time before The Postal Service, there were some auditions

Who knew ‘Weird’ Al Yankovic was this close to singing to some sweet DNTL beats. Also, this video is likely the only time you’ll see Page Hamilton backed up by The Postal Service… And it’s probably the coolest thing Hamilton has done in a while (suck it, P.O.D.). Oh, and Jimmy Tamborello is not much for the whole “acting” thing, eh?

Music Video of the Week: “LMD” by RVIVR

If you don’t listen to RVIVR, you should. Check out their bandcamp page and download “The Beauty Between,” you won’t regret it.

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