Weekend Table Talk: March Madness Edition

This edition has nothing to do with the NCAA. Or basketball. But you’re hooked now, so you might as well keep reading about comics and stuff. It’s a short one this week, so at least you got that going for you. First up…

“Pope OUT.”

Pope Benedict quit. If that actually affects your life, you need to reconsider your priorities. This bit was written purely so you could read the words “Pope OUT.” Twice.

Robin will die

For, like, the billionth time, DC is killing Robin. The problem is everyone knows it now, so calling it a “surprise death” (as CBC does in the article linked to previously) is like saying Stephen Harper’s personality is “surprisingly vanilla.” So pick up the next issue of Batman, Incorporated if you want to see an angry kid die (and who doesn’t?). But seriously – so far, Batman, Incorporated has been great, so pick it up for quality storytelling.

That, children, is what it looks like when people die. All people. Every time.

Chris Cooper is the new Norman Osborn

That’s right, the bad guy from The Muppets is playing Spider-Man’s nemesis in whatever they call the sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man. The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Spider-Manner? Or maybe just SMD. You know, for Spider-Man Deux.

… And that’s pretty well it for this week, folks!

Music Video of the Week: A bunch of School of Rock students playing Battles’ Mirrored

Apparently, School of Rock actually exists, and the students often cover really cool albums. Like, for instance, Mirrored by Battles. Enjoy it below. For context, you can watch the original (and see if you recognize the video game it’s played in!) below the School of rock version.

Aaaand the original, excellent for driving your dune buggy through the mall.

Have a great weekend.

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