Weekend Table Talk: The Ravioli Bar Edition

The single greatest line of the week: “Man, that guy was really stoked about the ravioli bar.” Context is overrated. Let’s read about comics and stuff! First up…

Orson Scott-Card is a douche, writing Superman

Orson Scott-Card is writing a digital-first Superman story. Unfortunately, Scott-Card is a time-wasting asshole anti-gay marriage activist, even going so for as to be a member of the National Organization for Marriage, a group that, rather than send time actually helping people, campaigns against two people getting married.

Then Batwoman got married, which probably pissed Orson off

Sure, it’s probably just DC trying to catch up to Marvel, but it’s still cool that Kathy Kane asked Maggie Sawyer to marry her in the last panel of Batwoman #17. As io9 mentions, there’s no way of knowing if this move will enrage people, including ol’ Orson, or make DC cool. Or maybe just confuse some folks. For now, it’s probably just a good idea to imagine Kathy Kane serenading Maggie with her own rendition of “Maggie May.” Full costume.

“It’s late September and I really must be back at school.”

Oh yeah, the PS4 was announced

And it seems like the reaction is mixed. The Guardian didn’t seem too jazzed, despite the cool features. Goldman Sachs weighed in on the announcement, too, but they are a bunch of jerks that may be responsible for your parents’ depression, so maybe take anything they say or do with a grain of salt. Also, you don’t care. You’ll probably sell your first-born son for a first edition, anyway.

East Bay Ray is out of touch and ruins everything, Tech Dirt tells everyone

At a recent conference, Dead Kennedys’ East Bay Ray went on a misguided rant about royalties and how nobody is paying him any more. Tech Dirt decided to tell everyone about it, because to hell with East Bay Ray. Remember when he was in a punk band? Remember when he rallied against greed? Me neither, because I wasn’t alive in the early ’80s. That doesn’t change the fact that “California Uber Alles” is a wicked good song.

Simpsons Drawing Club is cool

You should check out Simpsons Drawing Club, where a bunch of artists do their own versions of their favourite characters from Fox’s longest-running and probably best show.

Music Video of the Week: “Bathroom Laughter” by Pissed Jeans

Enjoy this shopping show gone wrong. Doesn’t it remind you of Thanksgiving?

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