You Should be Reading Twitter: The Comic

Twitter is a wonderful invention – quicker than broadcast news, less personal than Facebook and usually less intelligible than a five-year-old’s drawings, it’s the internet’s best source of instant hilarity (depending on who you follow).

Recognizing that, illustrator Mike Rosenthal has taken it upon himself to develop the “greatest tweets of our generation” into simple, hilarious four-frame comics. The result is Twitter: The Comic and it’s awesome.

Illustrated tweets certainly aren’t a new thing. They’ve been done well before (even The Oatmeal did a hilarious turn on the most popular tweets), but Twitter: The Comic succeeds by bringing your most depraved imaginings to life.

It even occasionally puts a tweet in an entirely new perspective.

But enough reading about it, go and read it. Then once you’re done that, check out The Illustrated Ghost, a project by Cory Godbey where he illustrates Kimmy Walters’ tweets.

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