Weekend Table Talk: The Febrewary Edition

No, that’s not a spelling error – go get a brew. Any brew, alcoholic, non-alcoholic, caffeinated, it doesn’t matter. Now call your friends, family and neighbours and invite them over for a fireside chat. Be sure to tell them to bring a brew as well. Use this opportunity to tell them that you love them and whatever other news you have; come out if you want. Or just force everyone to listen to how much you love comics. That’s where this post comes in. First bit of conversation killer…

Japanese janitors are awesome

Apparently, a Japanese lady stumbled upon a maze her dad spent seven years drawing over thirty years ago. And it’s intense. This guy should have designed the world’s most awesome theme park. It only takes 30 minutes to get in, but once you’re in you’re lost for eternity.

Let's hope if this ever comes to live that it's made of corn.

Or a prison. A psychologically torturous prison.

Paste Magazine made a helpful infographic

So if you ever get confused about all the different fantasy novels out there, just read the infographic. Then say, “Thank you, Paste, for reminding me how many characters’ perspectives you read from in A Song of Ice and Fire!”

Fables and The Unwritten crossover is coming your way in April

Fables is awesome and so is The Unwritten. And it’s no secret that both series’ creators are massive fans of each other, so it would seem that a crossover was inevitable. So order it up right away because it will likely be entertaining. Plus, it gives us this cool-ass image.

Let’s hope they fight. The smart money’s on Bigby.

Ridley Scott is producing a Mind MGMT movie

Which is super exciting if you look at Scott’s track record as producer… Oh, maybe don’t. Anyway, lots of people love this series, so you should probably buy it because you want to fit in, don’t you?

Paperman is all you need to watch

1. Watch.
2. Create something.
3. Repeat.

Music Video of the Week: “How long?” by How to destroy angels_

Trent Reznor got together with his wife and a couple of dudes he works with all the time and made this tune. It’s what you would expect from ol’ Trent… Which is a good or a bad thing, depending on your point of view.

Close second: “Hype Man” by Cadence Weapon

Hey, remember when dude was Edmonton’s poet laureate then moved to Montreal?

Tied for second: “The Boys are Back” by Dropkick Murphys

Have an excellent weekend!

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