Yeah, you can guess what the first bit of news is going to be. So here we go…

J.J. Abrams will direct Star Wars: Episode VII

The news of which probably caused a nerdgasm that registered on the Richter Scale. Or confusion, as some places probably reported that it was Jonah Hill, to which many Star Wars fans reacted with a, “Huh? Okay, I guess…”


Rob Liefeld has written a screenplay about Image Comics because nobody asked for it

He suggests that Chris Pine play him and Christian Bale play Todd McFarlane. He also suggests that he have biceps on his biceps, DDD-cup pecs and feet that taper to sword-tip points.

This is probably what Rob Liefeld thinks he looks like.


This is what Rob Liefeld actually looks like.

This is Chris Pine. As you can clearly see, the resemblance is uncanny.

NBC ordered a pilot of The Sixth Gun

Which is a super cool comic you should probably buy. Who knows if the show will be any good or even picked up, but at least the comic will remain cool no matter what. Let’s hope Tracy Morgan’s in it.

Christian Bale is a Wierdo/Awesome Dude

Christian Bale can sometimes be a jerk, but he consistently does awesome things for sick people and helps people out. He doesn’t make a big deal out if it. Apparently, the only reason we know that Christian Bale called a cancer patient as Batman was because the kid’s parents put a video of it up on YouTube. So here ya go. Grab a Kleenex.

Injustice: Gods Among Us might be cool

Lex Luthor’s in DC’s upcoming fighting game, bald and meched-up as ever.

Music Video of the Week: “Going out in Style” by Dropkick Murphys

Yeah, you should probably go ahead and buy their new album, Rose Tattoo. This song isn’t on it, but it’s one of their best videos.


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