Weekend Table Talk: Tunisian Revolution Day

That’s right! It’s Revolution Day in Tunisia, so fly the ol’ crescent and star and overthrow your nearest dictator (your mother, teacher or boss will suffice) and celebrate your freedom. While you’re doing that, read about comics.

GLAAD nominated a bunch of really popular comics

GLAAD has announced the nominees for Outstanding Comic Series for their media awards and of course it includes the Astonishing X-Men, since Northstar and Kyle got hitched. You’ll note that it’s not “Most Kick-Ass Series,” because an award ceremony has yet to be created that has that category because we live in a cruel and unjust world.

io9 did a roundup of cool Deadpool crossovers

And it’s neat, of course. Except the one that’s clearly a ripoff of Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth #2. You’ll know the one.

People in Alabama needed things to read

Some thieves stole a ton of comics in Mobile, Alabama. Then the bunch of [insert derogatory adjective] [insert plural southern stereotype] grabbed a case of [insert popular cheap southern beer here] and [insert highly offensive activity here] all night. It was weird.

The Walking Dead is all filled with drama and such

What with Glen Mazzara leaving and Scott Gimple stepping in as showrunner… But at least there’s a trailer for the upcoming episode! There’s a whole bunch of shooting and Rick looking sweaty and resolute.

All of Zack Snyder’s movies should be in LEGO

Kidding! But seriously… This parody of the newest Man of Steel trailer (check out the original) features everything everyone is looking forward to – Kevin Costner’s voice, Michael Shannon’s facial hair and blocks. Loads of blocks.

Music Video of the Week: “Pierce the Morning Rain” by Dinosaur Jr.

Because Henry Rollins will beat you up.

Runner Up: “Trusty Chords (live in Chicago)” by Hot Water Music

They have a DVD coming out or something but the point is if you don’t love this song, you’re wrong. Also, you should watch them live because they’re cool and Chuck Ragan is a lion in a human body.

And finally… Something that will likely keep you awake all weekend

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