Weekend Table Talk: the something about IKEA monkeys edition

That’ll draw people in, eh? IKEA monkeys? In coats? Apparently, they are all sold out, which means you can’t get your favourite comic blogger one for Christmas. ‘Preciate the thought, though. What you can get, though, is a Batman-style Snuggie ripoff. Nothing says “WHERE IS HE?!” like a backwards housecoat. You can wear to your next poker game, bar mitzvah, anywhere. Just be sure to wear something underneath when you walk your kids to school. Anyway, here’s some comic and cool stuff news. First up…

DC Women Kicking Ass is excellent, charitable

DC Women Kicking Ass is a great Tumblr worth checking out. It’s no Longbox of Awesome, but it runs nearly as good charitable campaigns with some neat prizes. Like a car or something autographed by Fabio Moon! But you gotta donate a toy for kids first. Which you should probably be doing anyway, you Grinch.

Apparently, last night’s episode of Jeopardy! had a Marvel NOW! category

And a few extra people watched it and snickered at the librarian from Connecticut who didn’t know the question was “Who is Lockjaw?” I’m assuming. I don’t know, whatever, Jeopardy! is too damn long to watch a whole episode. Comics Alliance has a great article about it, so go there. They might have actually watched episode, ’cause they’re good journalists like that.

And now, in international news…

Tintin in the Congo is not racist, but it totally is

Some student in Belgium has been rallying against Herge’s book because he hates dead people he thinks it’s racist. So a Belgian court of appeal disagreed with him and said the book should not be banned. Which is fair, given free press and all that. Also, it’s exam time. Shouldn’t he be studying?

IDW is publishing a Middle Eastern comic that might kick ass

Jinnrise sounds pretty excellent – a combination of regional mythology and pop culture, just like most comics. You can read more about it here.

A British guy with a girl’s name thought he was a ninja vigilante, police disagreed

But it’s because his parent’s named him Tanis, so it’s kind of understandable that he would have hidden ruksacks of smoke bombs… That he didn’t use to escape! He deserved to get caught. He didn’t even try to get away. The best coverage of the event, though, has to go to the Daily Mail, who decided that speculative stock photos are the best way to show what dude may have looked like while dressed as a ninja in a park.

Okay kids, it’s time for the audio/visual section

Deadpool in X-Men: Wolverine Origins was awful…

But he could have been worse, as the designers show the variations that could have been

Amazing Spider-Man had a few problems

Watch them all in two minutes. The biggest one being that nobody uses Bing. Especially not teenage geniuses.

Pacific Rim has a trailer


So does Man of Steel

And there is a bunch of water and Michael Shannon has bad facial hair. Like that dream you had last night.

Music Video of the Week: “Woodpile” by Frightened Rabbit

Featuring a bunch of gawking Scottish people.

Runner up: “Inside a Frame” by Fucked Up

Never thought you’d see a Fucked Up video featuring choreographed dancing, did you? Well, prepare yourself… For disappointment, because none of the dancers are Damian Abraham. Sorry.

Just for good measure: “Cross of Lorraine” by Gallows

A great band, a good song. Certainly not the best on the album, but still worth a listen.

Remember Anita Sarkeesian?

No? Well, she started a Kickstarter campaign, and was hated on by a bunch of misogynistic gamers. Like, to an extreme degree. An unfortunate incident  to be sure. But at TEDxWomen, she talked about it. Check it out:

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