Weekend Table Talk: Snowflakes and Cannonballs Edition

Deeeeeeeecemberrrrr! You excited? You should be! It’s the one month where people give you gifts because someone else was born on a specific day. So don’t waste your time wondering whether the value of the gifts you’ve given is greater or less than the value of the gifts received… Waste your time talking about comics and such! 

Jamie Foxx is going to be Electro, may sing

She takes my money / When I’m in need / Yeah, she’s a – Huh? Oh, yeah, um… Jamie Foxx is going to be Electro in Amazing Spider-Man Deuce. Rumours about Kanye West making an appearance as J. Jonah Jameson are still abound… Or at least they will be after you read this post.

If you picked up Kevin Keller this week…

What the hell is wrong with you? You’re an adult. You’re better than reading comics about Archie’s bud. Anyway, George Takei was in it, which does give you a pretty good reason, because he’s awesome and hilarious. It doesn’t, however, excuse the 237 back issues of Cheryl Blossom you have stored in your attic.

Free Comic Book Day comics announced!

May 4, 2013 is Free Comic Book Day, where everything you want is free! So walk in your local comic shop and grab whatever you can carry and let them just try to stop you from leaving without paying. It’s Free Comic Day, after all. Anyway, there’ll be releases from The Walking Dead, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (good luck getting that song out of your head now) and a secret title from Marvel. Twenty bucks says it’s another swimsuit edition.

In the back, you can see Marvel searching the universe for someone capable of writing a good Deadpool arc.

Realistically, it’s probably something to do with Thanos. In a swimsuit.

Some American shot his girlfriend because she though The Walking Dead was ridiculous

So, he said that a viral outbreak leading to the premise behind The Walking Dead is completely plausible. She said his idea was absurd. He, being the intelligent, upstanding citizen he is, took the rational route and shot her in the chest. As you do. In an attempt to redeem himself in her eyes, he drove her to the hospital. Reports on whether he bought her an “I’m Sorry” card and some chocolates have yet to be confirmed. 

On another Earth, there’s a black Superman

So that’s cool.

Man of Steel has a poster

For some reason, it doesn’t show Superman punching a ton of holes in his captors. Odd. You would think Zack Snyder would be all over that, in, like, slow motion and stuff.

V for Vendetta and Pan’s Labyrinth are being adapted as plays

The one starring V has absolutely no involvement from Alan Moore, surprise surprise. The one starring an adorable Spanish girl, however, has Guillermo del Toro directly involved, so it will likely kick a whole ton of ass. When asked to comment, Moore said, “Rabble rabble rabble I’m awesome.”

And now, for some Star Trek into Darkness stuff

A poster was released this week, featuring Benedict Cumberbatch’s villain doing what villains do best – surveying the destruction/stuff that is about to be destroyed.

And the trailer, which shows holograms being sketchy and Vulcans being logical…

Oh, and if you haven’t seen it already, DMX rapped “Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer”

If that wasn’t odd enough…

Mastodon is recording a song for Monsters University, the Monsters, Inc. prequel. These fellas are no stranger to animation, though, as these two videos show…

Yep. Music Video of the Week: “How far our Bodies Go” by Fake Problems, Against Me! and Water Tower

A bunch of cool punks hanging out and playing music? Awesome. While not technically a music video, it is a video of music, so take that as you will. Nervous Energies sessions are always great, so spend some time on their YouTube channel. And give props to the person in the lampshade.

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