Weekend Table Talk: Blaxploitation Friday Edition

That is what it is, right? Where Americans get together and watch old Pam Grier movies and talk about how awesome Shaft was. Yep. No doubt. So while our American friends are busy discussing the merits of Black Dynamite and shopping, let’s talk about comics and stuff.

An original Calvin and Hobbes strip sells for more than you’re worth

Sorry, but it’s true. If someone put you up for auction, it’s unlikely you would reach anywhere near $203,000 like an original Bill Watterson strip did. If it makes you feel better, it’s a good one. And a Sunday strip.

Cutty from The Wire is playing Tyreese in The Walking Dead

That’s right – one of the best characters on one of the best shows ever is going to play one of the best characters… Uh… From the comic that an okay show is based on. Hopefully Chad Coleman  will do what he did in The Wire and teach Carl and Glenn how to box. Hey, remember that time Cutty slapped a chick in the face?

Marvel wants your money because you’ll give it to them

Comics Alliance has details of the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One DVD and Blu-Ray set.  It includes all the movies released so far and comes in a shiny, light-up suitcase that has a money-back guarantee if the ladies don’t beg you to father their children after seeing it.

Not pictured: your crippling loneliness.

Slayer is finally selling Christmasy sweaters, but they’re sold out

If you wear this to your family Christmas photos, your mom will either a) beat you to within an inch of your life; or b) not notice and your friends will think you’re the bomb. Either way, Slayer wins. They’re sold out right now, but perhaps you can knit your own.

Peter Diamond makes hockey look like Lovecraft meets Fables

Peter Diamond is an unreal Canadian artist who draws awesome hockey-related pictures. They’re weird, but so is hockey, so it’s a good fit. [via Comics Alliance]

Last Weekend on SNL, Jeremy Renner played Hawkeye

Apparently the rest of the episode sucked, which is about par for the course for this season. Except Weekend Update. Weekend Update still rules. You know what else sucks? Trying to embed videos from NBC. Here, try watching it at the always-excellent The Mary Sue.

A teenager who is cooler than you made a Daryl Dixon animated short

Nick Mastrangelo is “nearly 14” as he puts it, and he made an animated short of Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead doing some sort of quest and killin’ walkers like a redneck Link. It’s about what you would expect from a 14-year-old boy – complete with loads upon loads of violence and ’90s-style rock guitars.

Music video of the week: “Mama Told Me” by Big Boi and Kelly Rowland

It’s cool because Big Boi is always awesome and it’s full of ’80s style graphics, so maybe hold off until after this video to break out the hash pipe. Oh, hey, Kelly Rowland is still doing stuff! Who knew?

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