Weekend Table Talk: The Star Wars Sucks Edition

That’ll ruffle some feathers, eh? The feathers of Star Wars fans. ‘Cause, you know, the only ones left are waterfowl and nesting birds. But they love YodaBut seriously, this one is not all about Star Wars or even whether it sucks or not. In fact, that last sentence will be the last time Star Wars will be mentioned in this post. 


Neil Degrasse Tyson is officially a resident of another universe

And the DC Universe is happy to have him, as he helped Superman out in this past Wednesday’s Action Comics #14. Astrophysics nerds the world over rejoiced, then were told to shut the hell up by their overbearing mothers who live in the next room over.

Hellblazer is wrapping up soon

That’s right, everyone’s most-loved British occult mage guy book is finishing with issue 300 in February. But John Constantine won’t die. Instead, he will live on in a title called Constantine. Probably to cash in on all the megadollars and attention the movie brought to the comic. Remember when Shia Labeouf died? That was nice.

The Guardian is still cool, uses comics to explain U.S. election

Between eating scones, complaining about the weather and the BBC and denying that they are part of Europe, Brits somehow find time to look confused about world politics. Fortunately, The Guardian is an excellent newspaper, so it ran America: Elect!a graphic novel explaining what the hell the American election was all about. They did well, but left out Joe Biden, who was probably out shootin’ skeet anyway, so he probably didn’t care.

Great, now Reddit saves lives

So, some guy took a pregnancy test as a joke. It was positive. His friend posted a comic about it on Reddit, because she’s kind of a lonely weirdo. Someone said that dude should get tested for cancer, so he did. He tested positive for that, too, early enough to treat it. Now’s probably a good time to start posting your “Does this look Serious?” mirror pictures. Read the full article here.

World War Z has a full trailer

And it looks… Indecipherable and nothing like the book, so who the hell knows?

Music Video of the Week: Mumford and Sons, “Lover of the Light”

Sometimes, music videos are art. This is one of those times. Oh, and ladies – it stars Idris Elba.

Video of the Week: “Batman Goes Nuts in Guitar Store”

Sometimes, videos are confusing and don’t make any sense but totally awesome because it stars a Joker guitar.

Oh, hey, check it out: New Dropkick Murphys: “Rose Tattoo”

And sometimes, videos are exactly what you expect them to be. This is one of those times.

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