Weekend Table Talk: Greasy Ol’ Lip Ferret Edition

It’s Movember 2nd, which by now means all your friends have massive moustaches and you’re sitting at home, staring at the mirror and willing your upper lip fauna to sprout. Speaking of which, let’s start this week’s Table Talk with a video. Don’t forget to support your local mo’ growers!


Anyway… Disney bought Lucasfilm and everyone freaked the hell out

For no real reason, too. So you can thank George Lucas for making your Facebook feed ultra-annoying this week. Again. The announcement doesn’t affect Dark Horse’s Star Wars comics, though. Yet. But you aren’t reading those, anyway, so go order the next run of Hellboy. Now.

Some guy named Andy Bergholtz carved an awesome Joker pumpkin

You can read about it at Yahoo!, because apparently people still read Yahoo! or something. Or just marvel at the artistry here.

Don’t worry, your comics are safe

In case you didn’t hear, there was a massive hurricane somewhere in the U.S. that nobody’s ever heard of. Comic Book Resources ran an article about Hurricane Sandy’s effect on your favourite comics. Unfortunately, the article didn’t cover whether all the hipsters that “preferred it when it was Old York” drowned or not.

You can buy a Flash-themed car

But it’s a Kia, so you’ll likely blow the engine before you get around the world in a few seconds.

“Honk honk!” said Cyborg car. “Meep meep!” said Green Lantern car. “Grrrr…” said Batman car.

Scott Snyder is awesome and you can read about why

Paste interviewed Scott Snyder and it’s super interesting and even manages to squeeze in a story about bad tattoos.

Check it out… It’s the Mario Avengers

TheJayPhenrix made this sweet crossover fan art. It doesn’t really make sense, but, really, what does any more? [via Comics Alliance]

I’m a Wahlio! I’m-a gonna SMASH-A!

Everyone who had anything to do with Sandman made an awesome poster

Seriously. Every character ever in a Sandman story is in it, as drawn by a crapton of artists.

Song of the week: “Freckled Mary” by State Radio

If you don’t like this song, that’s fair, it’s your perogative. But if you don’t fall in love with Freckled Mary by the end of the video, you have no heart.

Music video of the week: “Teardrop Windows” by Benjamin Gibbard

Poor Benjamin can’t catch a break. In this hilarious video, he tries to be a bad boy, but ends up doing good things.

YouTube video of the week: The “Yeah Lamb”

The best six seconds of your week. Make that 60 seconds – you’re going to watch this at least ten more times.

Wicked Animated short of the week: “Heart” by Erick Oh

The video description goes on about metaphors and imagery, but that’s not all that’s there. Also present is incredible beauty and creativity.

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