Why Disney’s Purchase of Lucasfilm Doesn’t Matter

Yesterday, Disney announced that it’s buying Lucasfilm, the studio owned by the often-reviled-but-still-kinda-loved George Lucas. Among other things, Lucasfilm houses the Star Wars franchise and the best special effects company around, Industrial Light and Magic. Disney also said it plans to release the next three Star Wars movies, with the first one, Episode VII, coming in 2015.

The internet reacted as it does to most announcements – with well-researched, fact-based statements.

Oh, no, wait. The internet reacted like it usually does – like this:

First, it was instant shock and horror.

Followed by a very brief period of pondering if it would be a good thing or bad thing.


Followed by profound ennui.

And finally, in a couple of weeks, it will be, “What’s this Star Wars you speak of? Oh yeah, it used to be cool when it was just a billion dollar industry. Now it’s all, like multi-billion. But, like, I don’t even care, whatever.”

The one thing most people are missing is that it really doesn’t matter.

What Disney does (and does damn well, with the occasional misstep) is make movies for kids and the whole family.

What George Lucas has done his entire career, including the ever-so-holy original Star Wars trilogy, is make movies for kids and the whole family. Go check the back of your 80-disc special edition boxed set – the rating is PG.

Nothing about Star Wars is going to change. The newer movies are probably going to suck, by no fault of Disney. In case you forgot, Star Wars Episode I, Episode II and to a slightly lesser extent Episode III managed to suck just fine without the mouse house’s help.

Remember this guy? Remember how much you hated him? That’s because he was created for kids.

The first three films are still going to be the same lovable classics with weird incestual undertones you always loved. They’re not going anywhere.

Disney bought Marvel in 2009. What was the result? The best and most successful superhero movie to come out of Marvel yet, The Avengers. Oh, and who did the special effects? Industrial Light and Magic.

Disney bought Pixar in 2006. What was the result? Toy Story 3, Ratatouille, UP, Wall-E and Brave.

So a Disney purchase isn’t exactly a bad thing for your beloved franchises (something many forget they are – franchises that make money).

In fact, it may be a good thing. Imagine how much easier this would make a Marvel/Star Wars crossover a la Kingdom Hearts. 

Oh, now you’re excited.

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One thought on “Why Disney’s Purchase of Lucasfilm Doesn’t Matter

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