Weekend Table Talk: Bar Halloween Edition

That’s right trusty reader(s), it’s Bar Halloween this weekend. So get dressed up as a slutty lumberjack, a slutty tyrannosaurus rex, a slutty Rob Ford or, for a switch, a conservatively-dressed hooker. Revel in the free drinks! But before you do, read up on stuff. First up…

Iron Man 3 has a trailer

And everyone’s really jazzed about it, but Tony Stark is sad and stuff. Which makes others sad. Hopefully this movie isn’t sad. Not to say it won’t be a good thing when The Mandarin (played by an Indo-British actor, of course) rips Gwenyth Paltrow in half. Also, the screencap on this YouTube video could be interpreted many different ways – most of which are weirdly erotic.

Clark Kent quits his job, the media acts like anyone cares

In Superman #13, Clark Kent quits his job. Fortunately, he’s a fucking alien with a diamond fortress, laser eyes and superhuman strength and speed. So he doesn’t need The Daily Planet. Unlike the rest of us, the smug dink.

The Boys is banned in Qatar

A lady living in Qatar ordered Ennis’ and Robertson’s depraved, brilliant and gory masterpiece. Unfortunately, the customs agents loved it so much they kept it. Oh, whoops. Turns out they kept it because they hated it. Y’know, like they hate sex and violence. Same as everywhere else, that.

Not seeing what their problem is.

Matthew Vaughn isn’t directing the X-Men: First Class sequel

So that sucks, since that movie was awesome. It may not suck entirely, since rumours swirl that Bryan Singer, who directed The X-Men and X-2: X-Men United may take over directing duties. So keep your fingers crossed for a baby Nightcrawler.

Speaking of X-Men…

Apparently, The Wolverine isn’t a “prequel” movie. It takes place outside of regular continuity and in Japan. And let’s be honest – that’s when and where the best movies take place. Also, check out Logan and his bone claws (how many times have you used that line, amirite?).

Pre-Adamantium Wolverine looks kind of like an angry heroin addict.

Support Michel Gagne, be regarded as a good person, contribute to the wealth of mankind

Michel Gagne is an amazing artist who worked for everyone before he quit to forge his own path. If you’ve read his Saga of Rex, either in the Flight volumes or in its own graphic novel, you’ve been blown away by the strength of his art and storytelling. Well, now he’s making a short film of The Saga of Rex and he needs your help. Head to his Kickstarter page and support him so he can bring his beautiful project to life. The world will be better for it.

And finally… An amazing Etch-a-Sketch artist

Jane Labowitch is awesome. Kotaku did an article  about her and you should check out her Tumblr. It’s worth it. Some of the Longbox faves are below.

A mage!

Gangnam style!

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