Neil: A Tribute

You’re probably wondering which Neil is deserving of a tribute on the most revered comics and pop culture website of all time. Is it Neil Young? No, he’s had enough tributes; he’s probably sick of them at this point. Neil Patrick Harris? Not yet, mainly because it would be tough to decide where to begin. Neil Diamond? No. The universe already paid tribute to him by giving him the most awesome porn star name and crazy musical talent.

And the list goes on. Today’s post is about a Neil worthy of legend and study. Today’s post is a tribute to ParaNorman‘s Neil.

This guy.

Why is Neil deserving of such reverence?

Because Neil is who everyone wishes they could be – completely, absolutely, unequivocally, 110 per cent comfortable in his own skin.

Simply, Neil has it figured out.

He doesn’t question why kids pick on him – he knows that there is a list of reasons for them to do so. But, and here’s the difference between us and him, he also knows that’s just how bullies are going to be. It’s just their nature; getting revenge on them is not going to change it. And he doesn’t hate them for it.

Does that look like the face of someone capable of hating others?

This year has been chock full of characters who aren’t sure who they are. The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises, for instance, are filled with characters who hide behind suits of armour and leather. Neil doesn’t need any of that. He knows his own strengths, weaknesses and limitations.

He’s also the friend most of us wish we could be.

True friendship is not sharing popcorn.

Sure, he freaks out like the rest of us would when faced with an undead horde. But he stands by his friend, even when he doesn’t have to.

The point being, if everyone in this world were a little more like Neil, the world would be a better place. If you try but cannot manage to be a little more like Neil, make a point of finding a Neil who’ll hang out with you.

Then you can play fetch with his dead dog.


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