Weekend Table Talk: Niue Constitution Day Edition

Congrats, folks! You’ve made it to another Friday. Unfortunately, that guy you ran over in the Safeway parking lot? Not so lucky. Celebrate your good fortune by going to the bar an rambling on about the current state of comics! Yay!

This happened

Hugh Jackman (l) and PSY (r). You’re trying to figure out if this is amazing or just confusing right now, aren’t you?

DC “won” all their rights to Superman from an elderly woman

Now they can do whatever they want with Superman. Before you get all righteous and say, “Oh, what a bunch of jerks,” consider this: Joe Schuster’s heirs did nothing to deserve any money from Superman. Also, they signed away the copyrights to Superman 20 years ago in exchange for pension payments from DC. So, really, DC was kind of in the right. Also, as soon as Warner Bros. (who owns DC) won…

They celebrated by announcing a Justice League movie for 2015

Just like you and your buddies do after winning something, Warner Bros. announced a massive-budget movie featuring superheroes and a “new” Batman or something. The only difference between you and your buddies and Warner Bros. (aside from paycheques) is Warner Bros. makes their decisions sober most of the time. Although this announcement could be perceived either way.

Well, it can’t look worse than this. But we’ll see.

Because you wanted a comic about Kim Kardashian

You got it. Thanks a lot. The last media that was sacred and protected from the world’s most famous porn star is soiled now thanks to you. No – no excuses. You always ask for stupid things for your birthday and now look what you’ve unleashed upon this world. I have an idea – why not ask for the plague next time?

Hey DC, since you’re in the mood for suing people…

Matt Fraction is making a comic with Chip Zdarsky

Which is mostly notable for the title of the story about it. “Sex Criminals Unleashed at New York Comic-Con” is up for headline of the year.

The Brooklyn Nets’ Brook Lopez is a comic nerd

Which is cool. The Wall Street Journal reported on dude’s nerdiness. That way they had something to do when they weren’t busy ignoring the hundreds of protesters across the street.

Andy MacDonald is awesome

Check it out, he replaced the team from The Expendables with beloved breakfast cereal characters. Comics Alliance posted this earlier, but you can look at it below and click to see it full-size. Then  you can print it off and be the coolest person in the office.

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