An Ode to Saga

You probably don’t need another blogger telling you to read Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples’ masterpiece Saga. After all, the first issue sold out crazy fast and since then, it’s been in the top 50 best-selling comics every month, consistently selling 35,000-plus copies.

So there’s no shortage of people singing the praises of Vaughan, Staples and their excellent work.  But just in case…

Why you Should Read Saga

It’s epic

“Epic” has been thrown around haphazardly and epically overused (although it is nice to know that moron frat boys and nerds both overuse it equally). However, if you’ve been reading Saga, you know that it spans landscapes, planets and the hearts of their inhabitants. It’s actually oddly reminiscent of Cold Mountain, but without Jack White. Yet.

Micro and macro… Something Saga does without even blinking.

The art is amazing

Fiona Staples rules, and nowhere else does this come clear than in Saga. From her interpretation of what Sextillion, a brothel planet, would look like, to her rendering of an eviscerated teenage ghost, everything is done in an original, gorgeous fashion. Oh, and just because nobody ever gives letterers props (and this book has amazing lettering), Fonografiks’ work meshes quite well.

To find out what happens next, read the damn comic, ya lazy, cheap… Sorry. But seriously.

It’s better than Star Wars

Yep. Said it. There’s way more badass chicks, more variety of aliens and no Jar-Jar Binks-like characters. Also, in the first issue, there is both a messy alien birth and robotic alien sex. George Lucas clearly did not subscribe to the “sex sells” aspect of, well, life.

You’ll never see anything like this in a galaxy far, far away. Oh, whoops. The Stalk dies. Er, spoilers.

There’s  a Lying Cat

What is a Lying Cat, you ask? He’s the companion (hetero life-mate?) of The Will, an all-around badass mercenary (called “freelancers” in Saga). He’s a big cat that can tell when someone is lying and will say as much. He’s also a source of some of the best humour in the title.

Helpful when dealing with salesmen and during interrogations, not so helpful to teenagers.

So go out and buy the trade when it comes out on October 23 and brace yourself. You’ve never read something like Saga before, but you’ll be glad you did.

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