The Walking Dead Season 3 Premiere Recap

It’s tough to send anyone off-site, but before you read this post, check out today’s Google Doodle. It’s awesome, and not just because it celebrates the 107th anniversary of the classic tripout Little Nemo in Slumberland. If you click on it, it activates something of a motion comic. Awesome, right? Anyway…

Did you catch The Walking Dead third season premiere last night? Did ya like it? Everyone seemed to be pretty jazzed about it leading up to it (since that’s when this is being written).

For those who haven’t watched it yet, Paste has a helpful infographic explaining the who’s who of seasons one and two. No word yet on whether they intended to rhyme or if that was just a happy coincidence.

For those who haven’t watched the show at all yet, the first two seasons are available on Netflix, DVD, iTunes and all that good stuff. Bit of advice, though – you can skip probably six episodes in the middle of season two.

In fact, Rock, Paper, Cynic pretty well nailed it.

Fortunately, more happens in the first 29 minutes of this episode than the majority of season two.

First off, Herschel grew a beard. That happens off-screen, not while you watch, but that would have been easily the highlight. Lori is super pregnant, which indicates that a significant amount of time has passed since the last season (later on you find out that winter has passed – but, really, it’s winter in Georgia, which can’t be that bad). Carl is now trusted with a gun, since he proved he is a crack shot.

Also, T-Dawg is somehow still alive. Maybe he’ll do something this season.

Sometimes, it bothers him.

Other times, he’s cool with it.

Sometimes he raises good points.

Other times, he panics.

And most times, awesome people die for him.

Oh, and Rick’s still pissed at Lori (for pretty good reason, one could argue) and she’s still whining ’bout stuff.

But most importantly, how many walkers were hacked up?

The total for the episode was 66, and that’s just the ones that were killed on-screen. There are a crapload more that were (hopefully) shot while the cameras weren’t trained on them. Also, 34 of the total kills were in the first 12 minutes and 46 seconds. Michonne was responsible for only three, but that total will likely increase, as the comic book Michonne is hard as hell.

That’s pretty damn awesome (just a few less than your average episode of Wheel of Fortune), and it sets a great tone for the rest of the season. If the show can keep the momentum going for the entire season, it may manage to draw some viewers back to it and attract some new ones.

Also, Maggie has never looked hotter.

“That’s my girl!” say Glenn and Herschel at the same time, leading to some real awkwardness.


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