Weekend Table Talk: DC Has Too Much Power Edition

There will be a part two of Customer Service in the Rock ‘n’ Roll World next week, but, y’know, even creating 10 per cent perfection takes some time. Until then, enjoy the last weekend of September by playing poker, throwing knives at ‘possums, proposing people vote for you despite the fact that you are completely out of touch with everything (lookin’ at you, Romney) or whatever else it is kids do these days.  Or call your mom and talk pop culture, using the news below as fuel. First up…

Mark Millar is a pretty good writer, so Fox hired him

As a consultant on their Marvel franchises, which Millar knows all about, having written a ton of good stuff for them, most awesomely Wolverine: Old Man Logan. This is mainly good news for writers, because it means there is a .02 per cent chance that you, too can become a millionaire by writing. The chances go up if your blood alcohol level is higher than that, too. 

DC has unlimited power

Holy shit. DC has declared October 10 “Arrow Day” because that’s when Arrow premieres on the worst channel ever, the CW. Who gave DC the power to declare days? Someone has some ‘splainin’ to do. Especially when we find ourselves celebrating Mxyzptlk Appreciation Day every December.

“Sorry, kids, there will be no Santa Claus this year. Just this elderly, possibly gay, alien leprechaun.”

Patrick Stewart may come back as Charles Xavier

Professor X has been played by nobody but Patrick Stewart, so it’s safe to say he’s the best. Now he’s saying he may reprise the role sometime. Of course, he could just be messing with people. Elderly bald men are like that.

Stan Lee is probably alright, trying to relax

Stan Lee has cancelled some upcoming convention appearances. So naturally, people started freaking out about the legend’s health, saying he may be on his last legs and blah, blah, blah. Or, and this is a more likely story, he realized he’s a fucking millionaire and didn’t feel like going because he doesn’t have to do anything he doesn’t damn well feel like doing.

But Stan Lee’s too nice to tell you that to your face. He uses gestures instead.

Alan Moore has been grumpy but right for nigh on three decades now

Comics Alliance has excerpts from an Alan Moore essay from 1983, that, as the article mentions, proves that the comics industry hasn’t changed much. So if you’re planning on tearing a strip off someone, give it a read, perhaps you can learn something from the master.

And now, the audio/visual component…

Entertainment Weekly finally proves its worth

By having Cookie Monster and Grover parody The Avengers and The Hunger Games. Seriously, go watch it. Now.

Because Spider-Man is a rookie

He gets some help from some friends. It gets really funny around the 2:00 mark.

An Honest Movie Trailer for The Avengers

But not the crappy one with British people in it. The good one owned by Marvel with Australian people in it.

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