Weekend Table Talk: Fall Rises

This weekend marks the start of fall (or autumn, if you like calling seasons the same names as chicks who are always hot).  Which means it won’t be too long before you can make leaf piles, romp in them and then lay down and read comics in them. You know, because you’re an adult and you’ve earned it. Until then, here’s some conversation fuel. First up…

If you’re in Edmonton, check out the Pop Culture Fair

If you want to nerd out over cool stuff, you should hit it up. While you’re there, check out the always-excellent Zombie Ink. They cool, and will have a ton of excellent things for excellent prices.

Man, America has some tough choices

Not really. I mean, Obama sure ain’t the best, but holy crap Romney is an asshole. Anyway, if life was like Marvel’s Ultimate Universe, where Captain America was just elected POTUS – sorry, sometimes an acronym is too awesome not to use – the US would be doing just fine.

Does this mean Bucky is veep? Aw, man, he always dies.

So, the new Judge Dredd movie might be awesome

So far, Dredd is pulling in some mighty fine reviews. On Metacritic, it has a higher average than Trouble with the CurveSo that leaves Eastwood no choice but to put on a massive suit of armor and rack up a body count in the dozens (all the while scowling like he did in the ’60s).

Speaking of Eastwood, remember when going to watch his movies wasn’t a guilty pleasure? Earlier this summer was cool…

Man, DC and Marvel are kinda like jerks

A retailer in Jerusalem was selling unlicensed kippas (jewish skull caps), so Marvel sued him. Then DC was all like, “Hey, that’s not a bad source of revenue.” So now they’re suing him, too. Dude, anyone who’s been to any market in any country ever including this one can’t spin around without hitting some unlicensed material. Is it really worth suing a small independent hat retailer over? Fuck off…

Oh, crap. That’s Stewie. Expect a letter from Fox soon, dude, sorry.

Some dude in Calgary is nicer than you

What? Sorry, it’s true. He donated most of his comic collection to sick kids at the Alberta Children’s Hospital. What have you done lately? That’s what I thought. Even though dude’s last name is Doucher (which probably isn’t pronounced “doosh-er,” it’s way funnier to imagine it is), he’s still a-okay.

Greg Rucka is kind of annoyed

Greg Rucka writes good stuff that you should read, like Batwoman: Elegy and Whiteout. He has some strong words for the Big Two publishers. It’s nothing you haven’t heard before, but perhaps it will be one more voice that may make them consider their business tactics. Or not.

And now the audio/visual component

Sort of

MTVHive has a great article about indie musicians getting involved with making music for video games. It’s pretty cool; more importantly, it gives me a chance to post The National’s excellent “Exile Vilify.” It rules, like every other song they have ever done, and they made it for Portal 2, which also rules. Did you find the room it’s in?

And some K-Pop for your weekend

You’ve probably one of the 200 million or so that have watched PSY’s music video for “Gangnam Style.” If not, do it. You were probably wondering what it would be like if Deadpool was in the video instead of some Korean dude. Well, it’s your lucky day. Have an exquisite weekend (and good luck getting this out of your head).

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