Weekend Table Talk: Possible No Hockey Edition

Yeah, it looks like you may be making better friends than ever with your comic collection over the next year or so. Or maybe the NHLPA and the League will reach an agreement by Saturday at midnight… But just in case, here’s some other stuff to read while you wish you were good at things. First up…

IMDb has a trailer for the next season of The Walking Dead

And it tells us not much. Andrea has yet to become a true badass and it looks like everybody chops up a metric crap-tonne of walkers in the prison yard. Michonne exists, which is a good omen. Check it out here.

The Harvey Awards happened

If you don’t know what the Harvey Awards are, they are kind of like the Grammys, except they are given to people with talent. Richard Thompson’s Cul de Sac, which is ending it’s run the Sunday after this one (September 23), won Best Syndicated Series. Because it is the best syndicated series. Finally, an awards show with no controversy. BEEBZ DESERVED THAT GRAMMY THO LOL @ BONNY BER!!!!1!! You can check out the full list of winners here, courtesy The Washington Post.

A classic, unfortunately cut short.

Arrow will probably suck, but at least Deathstroke will be in it

So that’s a bonus. There’s a bunch of other DC characters in it, too. Like Deadshot, who is kinda cool, and China White, who is (of course) played by Kelly Hu. Remember her? She was Lady Deathstrike in X2. So, she’s gone between Marvel and DC, just like Ryan Reynolds. Oh, they should fight. How long before we get a DC vs. Marvel movie?

Robot Chicken‘s new season kicked off

And they did it by making fun of the DC universe. Geoff Johns co-wrote it, Alfred Molina voiced in it and certainly a bunch of laughs were had by at least the creators. You can read a completely random review here.

Well, now he’s dead

So, the Avengers vs. X-Men battles have finally claimed a life – that of Charles Xavier, wonderpsychic. This proves that Brian Bendis loves killing things you love. So if you live in his neighbourhood, hide your pets. Oh, uh, spoilers.

If you’re confused about what the hell is going on, so is everyone else, so don’t worry.

And now, the feel-good story of the week

Some kid makes comics to deal with his autism, which is eighty different kinds of awesome. Check it out here.

Oh, and a cool artist for everyone

His name is Ric Stultz and he makes art on pages of atlases and it looks cool and his website has a bunch of stuff that looks real neat and you should go look at it and buy some prints and give it to your favourite comic blogger. Then your weekend will be truly excellent. Karma, etc.

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