Weekend Table Talk: No Whites! Edition

It’s past Labour Day, so you’ve hopefully by now thrown out all of your white clothes, since they’re useless now. Except for that really sweet Elvis jumpsuit – those are great for robberies and the like. Wondering what inspired the title? Check this out. Also, read about some comics and the like so you will have something to regale the other ladies with at the baby shower. First up…

Two cosplayin’ dudes got married…

Dressed like Northstar and Kyle and it’s as awesome as it sounds. Even the guests got into it to recreate the cover for Astonishing X-Men #51, which makes them the coolest guests ever. You can read about it and watch the video over at Comics Alliance.

Some party company is being sued by a whole bunch of bitter companies

DC included. Apparently, they just don’t appreciate people selling knockoff versions of their trademarks. Which is like that time Stephen Harper tried to sue The Boring Grey Sock Company because they stole his personality for their products. Zing.

Wonder Woman might be coming back to the small screen

Apparently, it will be called Amazon and “in the vein of Smallville. On the one hand, that’s good, because Smallville pulled in a lot of viewers who otherwise never would have cared about Superman, Lex, Lois, Lana and Lecithin. On the other, that show sucked. So weigh it out…

It’s extremely unlikely that anything half as cool as this will happen.

There’s an Arab Green Lantern!

In an ideal world, this wouldn’t be news. Since Ultimate Spider-Man went black, DC decided to introduce someone who also not so white they’re see-through. In comes Simon Baz from Dearborn, Michigan, who’s crazy ripped, tatted-up and on a quest to add another Green Lantern to take care of Earth, since it clearly needs more. What’s the total up to now, like, 53? Also, there is no way that Simon will be half as cool as Dr. Faiza Hussain.

Yeah, you don’t know her, but she’s cool as hell.

Rocko’s Modern Life… Live 

Yes, the tagline is ripped straight from the always-awesome Cartoon Brew’s post. But, really, there’s not a lot to do with the material given. Anyway, a bunch of the voice actors from the awesome show are doing out a few episodes followed by a panel discussion. So if you’re in Los Angeles ’round the start of October, hit it up.

And now, the audio visual portion of our presentation…

First up, Comics Alliance’s list of the best comic book covers of August, and there is some beautiful work on display.

A Liar’s Autobiography Trailer

Graham Chapman of Monty Python died in 1989. So what better time to make a fake animated biography than 23 years later? There’s a ton of animation studios at work here, but, depending on where you work, this is a little NSFW.

Crumbs by Eyal Lebovich

Enjoy this short, which features an outcast pigeon and a bagel. Thanks, Cartoon Brew!

METRO by Jacob Wyatt

This short’s got everything: a fox, a little girl and some breathtaking animation. Thanks, io9!

And finally…

If you don’t listen to Frank Turner, you’re wrong. He’s got a live CD/DVD pack coming out October 2nd. He also puts on wicked live shows, so if you ever get the chance to see him, don’t miss it. This video is from Last Minutes and Lost Evenings, and there’s a whole lot of cursing, so crank it when your reverend’s around.

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