Awesome “Go!” Songs

It’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! That’s right, the blog that manages to entertain, inform and waste your employer’s time in one fell swoop has returned. This is a quick first post, but you may notice some changes in appearance and content over the next little while. The scope is going to increase, and there may be some brighter colours. Don’t worry, your beloved Longbox will still adhere to a loose definition of “awesome.” Anyway, let’s get back in the groove with some grooves.

The word “go” can have a million different connotations. It can be a plea, a command, a direction an angry outburst and, if it’s your thing, something yelled during climax. Screenwriters know this, as do parents and songwriters. Acknowledging that, enjoy this list of

The Best Songs with “Go!” in the Title

1. “Go!” by Killer Mike

The third track from the best rap release of the year (so far, but it’s hard to see anyone topping R.A.P. Music) will rip your brain from your skull and stomp on it. In less than two minutes, Killer manages to reference N.W.A. and the simultaneously awesome and terrifying ’90s while correctly announcing himself as better than everyone else. Best line of the song: “This AK wordplay might put a pause in your life just like a comma, bitch!” Even Survivor couldn’t make a better workout song. But they’ve pretty well given up, so maybe that’s not entirely fair.

2. “Go!” by Santigold feat. Karen O

If you don’t strut to the opening of this song, you have no heart. Or swagger. A song that manages to be political and catchy as hell is an impressive feat, but one former A&R rep Santi White is up to. Hell, this song doesn’t even need Karen O’s weirdo energy – it’s just extra gas in the molotov.

3. “Go!” by Betty Wright and The Roots

That video doesn’t have The Roots in it, but it’s still super badass. With a running length almost as long as “Bat Out of Hell,” this soul epic decries domestic violence. Full of excellent guitar and even more excellent (and sassy) backing vocals (missing in the live version), it impressively manages to admonish and excite at the same time. This is no slow jam, this is an angry woman’s revenge song.

Honorable Mention: “Planetary (Go!)” by My Chemical Romance

It wouldn’t be a Longbox without some sort of relation to comics. Umbrella Academy scribe Gerard Way and friends penned this jam after Grant Morrison told Way to have some fun with his next record (probably in a lot weirder words – it is Grant Morrison, after all). The result was a ridiculously danceable track that can get even the most pouty kid jumping around like no one’s watching.

Another Honorable Mention: “Fuego!” by Murder by Death

A stretch, but totally worth including. Murder by Death makes songs that could have been written in 1914 but are unmistakably modern. “Baby, it’s been so long / that even the roses hips are turning me on…” Is there a better written account of blue balls? The cello, played masterfully as always by the adorable and incredibly talented Sarah Balliet, adds sorrow and badassness to this jam. As if it needed it.

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