Weekend Table Toccupy Everything Edition

It’s a weekend in June. Or it will be in a little while, so read through this, call up your friend(s) and ask them out to the park for some popcorn, literature and roshambo. After that you can talk about comics and things and how awesome this blog is. First up…

Ha ha Smallville sucks

The TV show never could get Batman on it, but fortunately, the Season 11 comic book has some semblance of a budget. So now Batman and Nightwing are showing up.

Art Spiegelman is joining Occupy Comics

The guy who wrote the brilliant Maus is joining Alan Moore’s party. Really, if you get invited to that party, it’s not something you turn down. Kind of like a Playboy Mansion party, but with completely different IQs wandering around.

Darick Robertson has Stockholm Syndrome

DC dropped The Boys because they made some stupid choices back in the day. However, they realize now that The Boys is fucking awesome, so Robertson is doing some work for them again. They just hurt you because they love you, Darick. Just remember that.

Fiona Staples rules

Check out her variant cover of an upcoming Josie and the Pussycats.

Katy Perry comic? Sign no one up!

Yeah, Katy Perry didn’t authorize a comic book biography of her, but it’s happening anyway. Like Two and a Half Men‘s continued existence, no one will like it, but it will still be around to annoy you when you catch a glimpse of it. It’s called Fame: Katy Perry, in case you cared.

A panel from Fame: Lady Gaga, which apparently features art by sixteen-year-olds and ejaculating microphones.

Catwoman is flexible, bouncy

So, DC posted it’s solicitations for September, which includes a bunch of number zero editions for some reason. It also includes this cover for Catwoman #0.

Featuring a really flexible Catwoman, the long-lost cousin of Gumby.

Yeah, she’s just a bit too flexible for real life.

Apparently, some people had a problem with being able to see her boobs, butt and face in the same shot, because they are prudes. Comics Alliance compiled the awesomely hilarious responses to the cover in one entertaining article.

And finally, enough of those darn words…

It’s time to watch people get blown in the face by gale-force winds.

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