The Coolest Things about Prometheus

Prometheus came out last week and there’s been mixed reviews. Rather than add to the growing list of reviews, Longbox of Awesome brings you the coolest things about the flick.

Michael Fassbender’s acting

There have been a tonne of movies featuring a robot that develops a personality/goes evil/generally acts like kind of a dick. Michael Fassbender’s David is different, and it’s all thanks to Fassbender’s chops. David is completely believable, you know, for an android travelling 3.4 x 104 miles away from Earth.

The opening sequence

No spoilers, but it looks like the best music video Tool never made. At one point, a really pale dude eats a metallic pomegranate… And disintegrates.

Come to think of it, maybe Prometheus isn’t a prequel to the Alien series. Perhaps its just a really expensive sequel to the “Schism” video.

How easy it makes this Halloween

Seriously. Strap a bright yellow visor to your old hockey helmet and bam – you’re David creepin’ on dreams. Put on a blue wetsuit/bodysuit and a pair of wings on your lapel – you’re Vickers. Be old – you’re the old guy.

Feel free to drive. It must be safe, right? Yeah.

Unless you’re hardcore about Halloween, in which case good luck. Maybe you should give H.R. Giger a call.

Idris Elba

One day, we are going to let Idris Elba keep his accent in a major American film.

Perhaps he dresses just too damn well.

Until then, he makes a more convincing American than Shia LaBeouf.

The whole darn thing

It may not entirely live up to the hype, but really, what movie has? Okay, The Avengers was an exception.

Go see it, though. It’s fun, brutal and occassionally hilarious. If you can arrange it, sit by someone who says “whup!” at every plot point.

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