Weekend Table Talk: The Visual Aids Edition

No, not visual AIDS, you insensitive ninny. Also, what is this, the ’80s? Nobody’s made an original AIDS joke since people were buying J. Geils albums. Anyway, here’s some stuff for you to look at and read and maybe tell your friends all about. First up…

The Dark Knight Rises is long, etc.

The Dark Knight Rises speculation is in full swing – just a quick Google News search will turn up a crap-tonne of half-assed guesses about what will happen in Christopher Nolan’s last Batman flick. There are a few things you can count on, though; one of which is that it’s long. Not quite Lord of the Rings long, but still, two hours and 45 minutes.

Apparently, nobody’s told Nolan that the current movie-going generation has the attention span of a cocaine-fueled hummingbird.

Two dudes are directing the next Captain America movie

And they’ve directed Community and Arrested Development before, so that’s cool. We’ll see how that translates. I expect at least one “I just blue myself” quality line.

Speaking of Community

Yeah, you can play Journey to the Center of Hawkthorne for realzies. Read about it over at Paste, or go to the download page and kiss your morning goodbye.

Ray Bradbury’s curiosity is probably satisfied

The brilliant science-fiction legend passed away Tuesday morning. But don’t be sad, since he was almost a century old – 91 to be exact. Wired did a cool feature (as Wired is known to do) about the comic adaptations of Bradbury works. Check it out here.

Sorry about all those words. Now, some pictures – some that even move!

The Governor shaved for his TV appearance

He’s also got most of his body parts, which is a departure from how most people remember him. Thanks to io9.

Well, he’s got the gender on lock, so that’s a start.

Django Unchained looks awesome

To be fair, it is a Tarantino flick, so nobody’s surprised that it’s got some great dialogue, stylish violence and very bright costumes.

So does Wreck-It Ralph

Wreck-It Ralph is about an 8-bit videogame badguy who quits to find himself. Keep your eyes peeled for familiar characters, like Pac-man ghosts, Q-Bert, Zangief and even ol’ Bowser.

And Arrow has a preview

Which is really only notable for the appearance of Deathstroke’s mask, which is hanging on a stick. He probably won’t show up on the show itself, since Slade Wilson is far too badass for a show on a channel that is notorious for taking awesome source material, watering it down and selling it to teenagers.

And finally…

Watch this GIF and try not to laugh. Okay, hold it in while your boss walks by… Now let it out. Seriously – funniest thing ever.

Have an excellent weekend!

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