DC is Getting a Little Gayer

As much as it pains most comic book fans to admit, mainstream comics move at a glacial pace when it comes to social issues (much like their motherland, ‘Merica). But, with a couple of recent announcements, it looks like that pace could be quickening.

If you are planning on watching/have already watched The View today, well – really? The View? You really don’t have anything better to do at 11 a.m. Pacific time? You seriously need either a job or some sort of fitness routine, because if you wanted to watch a bunch of old women crack jokes at the expense of one younger chick, just bring your girlfriend to your next family gathering, mix up a few stronger-than-usual caesars and let your bitter, battle-hardened aunts take care of the rest.

“We used to change his diapers. What have you done for him lately?”

Ahem. Uh… Anyway…

On The View today, and this is just a well-informed prediction, Marvel revealed the planned marriage of Northstar and his boyfriend Kyle. Other predictions involve Whoopi making some vaguely racist joke about Northstar’s boyfriend being black and Joy Behar cracking a joke that made every (both?) male under 30 feel really uncomfortable.

If they weren’t holding hands, you’d never know…

So that happened. Or some other “Astonishing X-Men” related news was announced, like… Umm… Err…

The other big announcement a few days back was that DC is planning on having one of the characters come out as “one of [their] most prominent gay characters.”

While Dan DiDio was making this announcement, Kathy Kane was holed up in her corner of the DC universe, Batwoman cowl lying unpolished in a corner, writing about “how quickly people forget” on tear-stained stationery.

The blue stuff represents her ennui.

Both of these announcements are great, because it means that DC and Marvel are finally catching up with, let’s see, Archie, about a billion independent publishers and, oh yeah, the rest of the literary world.

It also means that, eventually, these type of announcements will be so ordinary some day that they won’t even make the news. It may mean in the future that a character’s sexuality will be just another facet of their personality and not used as a gimmick to sell comics. But who knows? Let’s ask Booster Gold – he’s from the future.

“Ask me what?”

I guess that solves that.

So, now the fun part – the speculation! Since it hasn’t been revealed yet, we get to spend way too much time guessing which DC character is gay. Really, any of them are a good guess, especially since legendary DC scribe Grant Morrison referred to Batman as “utterly gay” recently.

Guess 1: J’onn J’onzz, the Martian Manhunter

If the outfit doesn’t give it away right away, the name should. Seriously, “The Martian Manhunter?” And he wears a cape? He’s like the alien version of that one queen who just stepped of the set of Rocky Horror.

That said, he is an alien, so maybe the Earthling Criteria for Homosexuality don’t apply to him.

Guess 2: O.M.A.C.

The acronym means “Omni Mind and Community.” With his fiber-optic blue mohawk and gold-adorned, skin-tight disco outfit, there’s definitely one community that would welcome him with open arms.

Guess 3: Any Green Lantern


They’re (mostly) dudes who wear “Who’s in my mouth?” party masks and get their powers from their jewellery. ‘Nuff said.

Guess 4: Tawky Tawny

Yup. Nailed it.

So, who do you think it’s going to be? Leave your best guesses (and bitchy comments about blogger insensitivity) in the comments below.

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One thought on “DC is Getting a Little Gayer

  1. […] Or so says dude from Bleeding Cool. So, apparently, DC was right when they said “established” but neglected to say “popular” or “was actually in movie or something.” Also, Longbox of Awesome totally nailed it. […]

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