Weekend Table Talk: May Long Edition

Looking for some conversation fuel for the weekend? Well, grab your teddy bears, your larger-than-usual bag of assorted pills and get reading below. First up…

Kurt Connors is Scottish, misunderstood

Rhys Ifans is a great actor, which is a good reason to have him play Kurt Connors A.K.A. The Lizard in the upcoming Spider-Man flick. Check out this featurette where Ifans insists Connors is not a villain.

Full-on jazzed yet? You should be. If not, check out this “super exclusive” or something four-minute trailer. The best part? When the announcer calls it the most anticipated film of the summer. That’s right, not Dark Knight Rises or The Avengers – The Amazing Spider-Man. That’s not to say folks aren’t anticipating it, but really, The Avengers made the most money in one weekend ever, so… Enjoy the trailer!

Anchorman 2 has a poster…

Full of pants and shoes that you can match up to your favourite characters! More fun than a colouring book printed by Satan.

Oh yeah, there’s a bootlegged trailer online, too

The CW’s Arrow has a clip online

Yeah, you get tired of reading all of these words, so here’s a trailer for the CW’s attempt at making another Smallville. This one, though, makes Green Arrow look, well, not blonde, that’s for sure. Although his workout is admirable.

Grant Morrison is putting on his own comic-con

You read that right. The man behind, well, everything that’s left comic book fans humbled and suffering from a minor existential crisis for the last twenty years is grabbing Jim Lee, Frank Quietly and others and hanging out at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas this September. To quote the man/legend, “It’s less of a convention and more like a conference or TED talk… After two days, you will be a changed person.” It’s expensive, though – $767 a ticket, available at the Morrisoncon site.

And finally, a present that will confuse you and make you weep a little 

S[p]oil yourself this September and get a Watchmen toaster, that apparently burns Rorschach’s image on your toast. That burning sensation you feel at the back of your neck? That’s the wrath of Alan Moore.

This should answer why so few of us are left active, healthy and without personality disorders?

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