Weekend Table Talk: Minnesota Statehood Day Edition

Sick of those all-night poker games where everyone just sits around awkwardly and doesn’t say anything? Tired of those hockey games where everyone insists on talking about sports? Well, you’re in luck! Try these conversation starters at your next gathering. First up…

Mike Mignola is up to stuff

Yesterday, io9 talked to Mike Mignola about stuff. Specifically, Hellboy stuff, like Hellboy in Hell, which he says is due in December. They also talked about the debut of the Hellboy: The Fury motion comic, which debuted yesterday on internet nerd dream girl Felicia Day’s Geek and Sundry YouTube channel. You can read the entire interview here, and watch the motion comic below. Or you could be awesome and grab yourself a physical copy here.

Batman No. 1 sold for a crap-ton of money

Some dude sold his copy of Batman No. 1 for $850,00. But don’t worry, some day your copy of Batman from the early ’90s will be worth what you paid for it.

But not in you or your grandchildren’s lifetimes.

Maurice Sendak passed away

But his impact will be felt forever. Not bad for a guy who wrote children’s stories with less lines than your average email. Comic Book Resources compiled some amazing artists’ tributes to the man. Seriously, they’re amazing. Check it out here.

The Avengers will have a sequel, nobody was surprised

Robert A. Iger, Disney’s chairman and chief executive, told a bunch of reporters who tried to act surprised that a sequel to The Avengers is in development. Also mentioned was Iron Man 3, Thor 2 and Captain America: The Sequel or whatever. In other news, the sun came up.

An Iranian cartoonist was sentenced to 25 lashings

Apparently, the dude drew a member of Iranian parliament wearing a soccer jersey. Wow. Good thing they don’t see the caricatures of Canadian politicians some of our cartoonists draw. This may be the offending picture right here:

“Worth it.”

AMC renews one pointless-but-okay show and one useless show

AMC renewed “Comic Book Men,” the pointlessly funny show that follows Kevin Smith’s entourage, and “Talking Dead,” the completely useless show that somehow manages to be less funny than you and your buddies talking about the show you just watched, for second seasons.

Jeff Lemire announced the imminent end of Sweet Tooth

And people wept, for Lemire is a genius. Later on, though, he talked to Comic Book Resources about his plans for the future, which, surprisingly, doesn’t include attempting to grow antlers.

And finally, some brain food from TED

Scott McCloud, the guy who wrote Understanding Comics, did a talk a few years ago about how awesome comics are. Check it out, and have an excellent weekend:

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