Calgary Comic Clusterf***

So, the Calgary Comic Expo was a success, at least in terms of ticket sales.

The fact that such an event was able to sell out in a city that isn’t Toronto or Vancouver means nothing but good things for the future of comic conventions in Alberta – it means more and better quality nerd herdings.

It also means there is now two times a year when Stampede grounds are filled with people dressing up like something they aren’t and expecting to see some action.

It wouldn’t be the first time the two worlds have crossed paths, though.

Remember Turbine? Yeah, you're not the only one.

However, this year’s Calgary Comic Expo, which just wrapped up yesterday, may have been a little too successful. Saturday saw a visit from the local fire marshall, who voiced concerns about capacity. The organizers reacted by barring access for a few hours, leading to super-long lines and some folks being outright turned away.

Of course, there were some angry folks. Check out the comments on the Edmonton Journal article for some angry first-hand accounts.

And who was to blame? Some say the organizers oversold the event. Others say the fire marshall was a teeny bit too sensitive.

Others blamed the same people they blame for their impotence, unbalanced checkbooks, the NDP’s platform of non-involvement in WWII and the terrible attitude of kids today: the entire cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation.


Apparently, the reunion of those ladies and gents above was such a colossal deal that about 60,000 people were expected from all over Canada and the world.

But the organizers didn’t expect so many people on Saturday, so they freaked out a bit – as a fledgling expo is wont to do.

Hopefully this doesn’t mar the reputation of the CCE, as our little section of the world needs something like this – a release for those who have been holding in their nerdgasms, tantric-style, for about a year.

For more on the CCE, check out the Calgary Herald’s gallery here and a gallery of Instagram pics from the show here. If you were there, tell us about it in the comments. Feel free to curse all you want.

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